‘The Moodys’ Season 2 Promo Shows the Family’s Dysfunction Is Alive & Well (VIDEO)

The Moodys Jay Baruchel Elizabeth Perkins Denis Leary Francois Arnaud
Jonathan Wenk/FOX.

Get ready for more misadventures from Fox’s astoundingly maladjusted family.

The Moodys returns for its second season on Thursday, April 1, with back-to-back episodes beginning at 9/8c. It will then move to its regular time slot (9:30/8:30c) on April 8.

As part of the announcement, Fox also released a new promo (below) that shows the stars offering up their own descriptions of the family. Yes, they include “crazy.”

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The Moodys follows the titular family consisting of Sean Sr. (Denis Leary), his wife Ann (Elizabeth Perkins), and their three grown children — the youngest and “creative” Dan (François Arnaud), the middle sibling and “overachiever” Bridget (Chelsea Frei), and the oldest and “failure-to-launch” Sean Jr. (Jay Baruchel).

According to Fox, when the series picks up, Sean Sr., is considering retiring, with Sean Jr., taking over the family HVAC business. However, Ann doesn’t want to leave her new psychology practice to take road trips across the country in an RV, while Sean Jr., is still focused on get-rich quick schemes. With her new townhouse under renovation and in the middle of a divorce, Bridget returns home. Dan realizes he and girlfriend Cora (guest star Maria Gabriela de Faria) are moving too fast after heading to live with her in Chicago. Season 2 guest stars include Gerry Dee and Josh Segarra.

The Moodys, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, April 1, 9/8c, Fox