The Ghost Brothers Talk Joining Jack Osbourne for ‘Fright Club’

Fright Club

The Ghost Brothers and Jack Osbourne invite you to join their Fright Club, the new discovery+ series premiering February 9 that features paranormal investigators analyzing the creepiest, most otherworldly footage the series can find. The winning footage is dubbed the “Nightmare Clip” by the hosts.

Here, the Ghost Brothers — friends Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey, and Juwan Mass, the comedic ghost-hunting team whose show Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests, is on the Travel Channel — talk about Fright Club, how they brought diversity to the genre, and more.

How long have you known Jack?

Dalen Spratt: I think when we all got our shows on Travel Channel, we got together. It feels like we’ve known each other since high school. This felt like a big reunion even though we’ve only known each other for a few years.

What went into deciding what clips are aired?

Marcus Harvey: We had a really good team helping us put this together. This being the first season, we had a lot of good clips, stuff we’ve never seen before. With technology, everything is out there. Then it’s figuring out legitimate videos versus doctored videos. Our team did their thing.

What video clips tend to strike a nerve with you?

Spratt: Anything to do with babies. Ghost babies, tall babies, fat babies. It’s always really weird when I see the videos with a child. That’s horrifying to me.

Juwan Mass: For me, it’s dolls. Dolls are creepy as hell. Whether it’s a regular doll, a clown doll. We know how crazy scary Chucky was. So when you see dolls in these particular clips, you are like, “I already know this is going to be something really intense.”

Fright Club


Harvey: Any ghost giraffe. If you can get a ghost giraffe, it would terrify me. If I see a ghost giraffe, you got me already. Ghost animals in general are very nerve-racking.

I like how you bring in the clip owners to talk about their experience and then the experts for insight.

Mass: We were able to be the middleman between the owner of the clip and the expert. A lot of times the person providing the clip needs clarity. So, it was good to bring in an expert in that particular field to offer their advice or understanding to ease whatever emotion that person may have been going through. I think that was an extremely valuable component to the show. It wasn’t just our opinions.

Do you feel you’re helping to diversify the paranormal investigative world?

Mass: I don’t even think I considered the position I was going to be put in before I was in it. That we are really the first [Black investigators] in this particular space. We enjoy the ability to give back. We love talking to the kids and other people interested in the genre. Typically, in the Black community and culture, it’s taboo to discuss the paranormal. When you start speaking of the paranormal and the spiritual realm, they can be considered one in the same from a religious standpoint. Being Black and in this space is really dope because we were able to start generating the conversation.

Who inspired you to pursue the paranormal?

Spratt: There was a lack of representation of us on television — why was there only white people on these shows? No matter the race or ethnicity, everybody dies, and there has to be something after that, I would think. I was always curious why there wasn’t anybody that looked like us exploring this idea. I think people vibe with us so much because we didn’t come into this industry thinking we knew everything. We were genuinely the guys just like people at home watching clips wondering if what you’re seeing was real or not.

You all seem to have so much fun sitting on the couch and watching the clips.

Harvey: We were filming this is right in the middle of COVID. It was unique. It felt good doing it at a time when things weren’t feeling good. It was fun just having a good time with Jack, who is from across the pond. We’re from Atlanta. It was just people from different worlds coming together and watching clips. It was dope.

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