‘Prodigal Son’s Bellamy Young Teases a ‘Reckoning’ from Jessica, Martin’s New Sparring Partner & More

Bellamy Young as Jessica in Prodigal Son - Season 2 Episode 5
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Prodigal Son‘s Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young) has a dilemma: What does she do now that she knows her daughter followed in her husband’s footsteps…and murdered someone?

“Jessica’s got to turn her attention to making sure this never happens again, getting Ainsley [Halston Sage] the help she needs, getting Ainsley away from the world,” Young tells TV Insider. Plus, she chats about “mother-henning” her daughter, the reckoning that needs to happen, and more.

In the February 9 episode [Episode 5], Jessica suggests she and Ainsley take a vacation. Is that to get Ainsley away?

Bellamy Young: Jessica has started planning — and she’s not necessarily great at it. It’s like [throwing] spaghetti against the wall: “I’m going to try it, see what sticks, but I have to do something and I have to start doing five things for anything to go forward.” It’s definitely Jessica mother-henning.

What can you tease about Jessica and Martin’s [Michael Sheen] first conversation after she’s found out what Ainsley did?

There’s no one else in the world she can share this all with except her husband, who is a monster. In Episode 4, she was compelled to call him, but this is [now] absolutely a full body need to look him in the eye and have it out with him about what he knows and how they’re raising their children, and what’s going to come next. It is a reckoning that needed to be done in person.

Jessica Martin Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 5

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Episode 5 also features the Scandal reunion with Kate Burton!

What’s so sad is we didn’t have any screen time together. It was crushing, but I’m so happy she’s with us. She killed it. It’s a wonderful gift that keeps giving, that Scandal family. I love them so dearly.

Jessica ended things with Gil [Lou Diamond Phillips] before they could get started. How determined is she to stay away from him romantically?

Jess was so excited about just the possibility [of the romance]. She knows she has just terrible taste in men, but Gil has always been there. It’s not the words, it’s the deeds. He’s kind, he makes her laugh, and he certainly protects her. There was so much anticipation of a chapter where she’s safe and laughs and has someone to go to things with, someone who loves [son] Malcolm [Tom Payne] the way she loves him.

Gil Jessica Malcolm Prodigal Son Season 2 Alma Mater

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Then to hear the conversation between Dani [Aurora Perrineau] and Gil just slammed the door in her heart. It really hit her hard with some truths. She saw herself through other people’s eyes and decided she was unlovable and, more than that, unsafe. She’s very determined because she really cares about him and she thinks she’s loving him the most by keeping him away.

What Ainsley did adds another complication because Jessica wants to protect her daughter. She may trust Gil, but he’s NYPD.

I know! It just makes their whole little family unit shrink again to 1998, right after Martin was arrested. You keep your secrets locked down. It’s going to be a small world for a minute.

What will we see from Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Dr. Vivian Capshaw? in her interactions with Martin?

I just want them to Welsh it out. It’s a crime they’re both playing Americans on the show because it’s just too, too delicious sonically to be in between them just during conversations. What a get for the show, between her and Alan Cumming in the next little bit of time.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Sheen Prodigal Son Season 2 Vivian Martin

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All the Prodigies will love it. Her character is going to be very fulfilling. I know there are very high expectations because she’s so cool and so talented and so lovely. Michael Sheen is such a talent anyway, and it’s just fun to see him sword fight with someone new. It’s like seeing gladiators at their best spar.

Who’s more concerned about Cumming’s character, a Europol agent investigating Endicott’s murder — Malcolm or Jessica?

With the Whitly family, what’s happening to one is happening to all, so it’s a very family affair in that regard. We really have each other’s backs, so Simon Hoxley is a terrible and terrifying wrinkle for all of us for different reasons.

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