‘The Masked Dancer’s Ken Jeong Gets a Fun Nod in to Mayim Bialik’s ‘Blossom’ (VIDEO)

It looks like Call Me Kat‘s Mayim Bialik is serving as a guest panelist on The Masked Dancer at exactly the right time.

And panelist Ken Jeong seems to agree, based on TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the Final Five episode on February 3, in which Tulip’s performance wows the table.

“This had everything. You had comedy, you had fun, you had heart, and you had skill. It told an amazing story. And Mayim, I think she has Blossomed into a superstar,” he says, a nod to the actress’ ’90s comedy.

“I’m no stranger to the stage. I’ve been performing my whole life,” Tulip says in response to a question from Jeong.

“There’s a huge personality you have to put into your dance, and this is not someone who’s just technically skilled,” Bialik notes.

Watch what else she has to say in the clip above.

Mayim Bialik The Masked Dancer Guest Panelist

(Michael Becker/ FOX)

Also taking the stage in this week’s episode are Zebra, Sloth, Exotic Bird, and Cotton Candy. One will be unmasked as we get closer to the finale.

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