How Netflix’s Twisty ‘Behind Her Eyes’ Might Induce You to Binge It — Twice

Eve Hewson in Behind Her Eyes on Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

A dangerous game of deception consumes London receptionist Louise (Simona Brown) when she begins an affair with her boss, psychiatrist David Ferguson (Tom Bateman), while also striking up a close friendship with his unstable wife, Adele (Eve Hewson, above), on Netflix’s latest British import, Behind Her Eyes

Love triangles on TV are nothing new, but this twisty six-part series keeps viewers guessing at every turn. “You think you’re watching one [type of] show, and you’re really not,” Hewson says. 

The intensely controlling David and soft-spoken Adele both keep their respective relationships with Louise from each other, but there’s something sinister in the couple’s past that haunts them too. “It’s just been rotting away at their life,” Hewson says. Flashbacks help fill in the blanks: Ten years ago, Adele formed an intimate bond with Rob (Robert Aramayo), a patient at a rehab facility where she was also getting treatment.

David’s mistress Louise, meanwhile, suffers from night terrors. “She puts on a brave face like all is fine but she is [still dealing with] past trauma,” says Brown. 

Bateman and exec producer Steve Lightfoot hint at a supernatural twist that will have viewers reconsidering the whole series. “It’s a huge mystery,” Bateman teases. Lightfoot says to pay attention to the present-day love triangle and one in the past too: “There’s a realization that history is repeating itself,” he says. “If we got it right, people might go back and watch again to see how it feels now that they are in the know.” Make time for a re-binge!

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