‘To Tell the Truth’ Asks If There’s a Difference Between a Puppet & a Muppet (VIDEO)

A fun debate breaks out over Muppets in the February 2 episode of To Tell the Truth.

It’s up to guest stars Lil Rel Howery, Adam Rodriguez, and Nikki Glaser to determine which of the three participants is a real professional puppeteer in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek, and one of the questions sparks quite the discussion.

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'To Tell the Truth' Boss Breaks Down the 'Hero' Selection Process

If you're wondering how producers on the ABC game show continue to surprise us with the participants telling the truth, you're not alone!

First, Howery asks about puppeteers and the voices of the puppets, then Rodriguez has all three name the person they think is the greatest of all time in the field.

It’s when Howery asks which category of puppetry the Muppets fall into that everyone begins chiming in. “That’s a Muppet, not a puppet,” host Anthony Anderson argues.

“We have a professional here that could answer,” Glaser points out. And so they turn to the three participants. Watch the clip above for their answers.

Lil Rel Howery Adam Rodriguez Nikki Glaser Anthony Anderson Tell Truth

(ABC/Ron Batzdorff)

Other “heroes” — the one telling the truth of those questioned by the guest stars on the panel — in Tuesday’s episode include the first African American Rockette, a ghost hunter, a pro Simon Says caller, and a custom lowrider builder.

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