‘The Bachelor’ 2021 Episode 4: New Arrivals Shake Up the House (RECAP)

The Bachelor Matt James
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The Bachelor


Season 25 • Episode 4

Matt James’s season of The Bachelor is about to get all shook up. After three weeks of getting to know this Season 25 cast, it’s time to meet some new women. Yeah, that’s right — we’re getting new contestants this week. Hello, drama.

Without further adieu, let’s get to this week’s craziness…

Starting Off With a Group Date

Matt’s still reeling from Sarah’s sudden departure, but he’s ready to start a new week with the women he has left. We pick up with the Group Date from last week, where the women are determined to cheer Matt up.

“It’s pretty encouraging to hear all these women are here for me, which is what we all want, right? We all want positive affirmations,” Matt shares. (He does know that’s basically their job, right?)

Matt reconnects with his First Impression Rose recipient, Abigail, as well as Mari, and MJ, but he decides to give his Group Date Rose to Chelsea.

Chris Harrison Throws a Curve Ball

The women are determined to get time with Matt during the cocktail party to solidify their relationships, but the competition is stiff. “I really look forward to every conversation I have because that could potentially be my wife,” Matt reveals. He manages to find time with Pieper, Kit, Katie, Brie, and yes, even Victoria, before Chris Harrison pulls him away.

The Bachelor Kit Matt James Episode 4

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“The ultimate goal here is for you to meet the woman of your dreams. And maybe you have already, but maybe not,” Chris tells him. “Because you are the Bachelor we had a record response from women who wanted to be on this show. And to that end, there are some more incredible women that are dying to meet you and want a shot at falling in love with you and they’re arriving right now.”

Matt heads outside to greet his new batch of ladies and is first introduced to Brittany, who goes right in for a kiss. He’s also introduced to Michelle, Ryan, Kim, and Catalina.

The Bachelor Michelle Matt Episode 4

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Needless to say, the women in the house are not thrilled with these new arrivals. “I’m super upset. I finally got time with him and then it was interrupted,” Victoria says. We don’t blame the women for being upset, but we do have to give a round of applause to the Bachelor producers. These folks know what they’re doing.

Who Goes Home?

Now that the new additions are here, it’s time for the rose ceremony. Three women are safe with roses from dates: Serena P., Rachael, and Chelsea. The others are on the chopping block.

After handing out his roses, Kim, Khaylah, and Kaili are sent packing.

Group Date #2

Mari, Bri, Abigail, Brittany, Ryan, Catalina, Magi, Anna, and Victoria are invited to this week’s Group Date. There’s already drama brewing between Anna and Brittany, so you know this is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile, former Bachelor Ben Higgins arrives to give Matt a little bit of advice and to help him out on the date. “You’ve got to continue to be a realist to them. You have to be given as much of yourself as you possibly can,” Ben says.

Ben sets up the “Fall in Love” obstacle race, which is essentially a series of silly activities the women have to do in order to win time with Matt. They have to kayak in pumpkin boats, dress up in squirrel costumes, and dig around in leaves for acorns. Mari wins the race and earns herself a trophy, but it’s unclear if this means she’ll get extra time with Matt this evening.

The Bachelor Matt James Ben Higgins Episode 4

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During the cocktail portion of the date, Matt pulls Anna aside first. But, as to be expected, Brittany interrupts their conversation and asks if she can talk to Matt. Following her conversation with Matt, Anna vents to Victoria about the situation and drops a massive bomb about Brittany, claiming she’s heard rumors she entertains men for money.

“There’s a rumor, because she knows all the rich men in Chicago, that Brittany may be an escort,” Anna shares with Victoria. Yikes, Anna, better be sure about that because she just, well, told a lot of people.

Anna confronts Brittany and tells her she received messages from people in Chicago claiming she’s an escort, which Brittany denies. “I just feel like everyone is against me right now. I know you guys don’t care at all, but it’s really hard,” Brittany says through tears.

Matt, who is oblivious to this drama, decides to give the Group Date Rose to Bri.

One-on-One Date

Despite just arriving, Michelle gets this week’s one-on-one date. Matt tells Michelle they’ll be completing a scavenger hunt, which includes ziplining, popping balloons, answering deep questions, and riding in a hot air balloon. Romantic!

It’s clear they already have a connection. During the dinner portion of their date, Michelle reveals why she decided to be a teacher. She explains the difficulty of teaching during a pandemic and how important it was to support her students during the Black Lives Matter movement. “I want to make a change so that when I’m not here anymore, I impacted people,” Michelle shares. As to be expected, Matt gives Michelle the rose.

Another Group Date

We’re now on to our third — yes, third — Group Date this week with Katie, Pieper, Serena P., Rachel, Kit, Chelsea, Jessenia, Lauren, Serena C, and MJ. Matt brings out former World Boxing Champion Mia St. John, who tells the ladies they’ll be boxing one another in front of a live audience this evening. Well, this should go well (not).

The Bachelor Matt James Episode 4

Former Bachelorette star Wells Adams joins Chris to announce the boxing event. The first match is Katie versus Jessenia. After an intense back-and-forth, Katie wins the match. Serena C. wins the second match against Kit, Pieper goes against Rachael in the third match, and Lauren goes against Serena P. in the fourth match. But, after Serena P. gets punched in the throat, Matt decides to call off the boxing event. Good call there, Matt.

During the evening portion, the women are still ranting about the new arrivals. However, Katie stands up for the new girls and tells the rest of the group they have to start welcoming them in. Katie is so annoyed, in fact, that she decides to tell Matt about the bullying.

Well, that should be an interesting discussion. Stay tuned for next week to see what happens next.

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