‘The Great North’ Star Jenny Slate Previews Fox’s ‘Quaint’ and ‘Kooky’ Animated Comedy

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Welcome to Lone Moose, Alaska, the perpetually snow-covered small-town home of Fox’s newest animated family, the Tobins at the center of The Great North.

“Their vibe is that they are incredibly Alaskan!” says Jenny Slate, who voices arty 16-year-old Judy (above, third from right). “Everyone is incredibly outdoorsy and they’re eating a lot of meat.”

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The tight-knit clan is led by patriarch Beef Tobin (Nick Offerman), who is coming to terms with his wife recently leaving him. But Judy’s eldest brother Wolf (Will Forte) feels lucky in love: In the February 14th episode, he celebrates his six-month anniversary with fiancée Honeybee (Dulcé Sloan), whom Judy interviews for her school newspaper about her thrilling early years in Fresno.

The Great North Judy Alanis Morrisette

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Fox Media LLC

Judy’s other female role models include Alyson (Megan Mullally), her boss at the mall photo studio, and Alanis Morissette, her imaginary friend (voiced by the singer). “She is the person I would think of for an artistic, precocious, offbeat teenage girl who’s really confident but, like, really different,” Slate says.

That looney touch adds to the toon’s gently satirical take on Alaska: moose running amok, curling competitions, maybe a Bigfoot sighting. “It’s quaint and often kooky,” Slate says. “A great combination.”

The Great North, Series Premiere, Sunday, February 14, 8:30/7:30c, Fox