Watch ‘Lost’ Stars Henry Ian Cusick & Jorge Garcia Reunite on ‘MacGyver’ (VIDEO)

Leave it to MacGyver to multitask. This week’s episode is not only a chance for guest star Jorge Garcia to reprise his Hawaii Five-O character, conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega, it’s also a Lost reunion for Garcia (lovable Hurley) and Henry Ian Cusick (above right, with Garcia), who played stoic Desmond on the 2004–10 ABC drama long before he became audacious Phoenix Foundation owner Russ Taylor.

“I was used to Jorge with his long hair saying ‘Dude!’ And I’m sure he was expecting me to go, ‘Brother!’ at some point,” Cusick says, laughing.

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Who is the new woman in Russ's life? Or is she not-so-new after all?

Here, they’re not yet that chummy. Jerry shows up unannounced at the Phoenix offices and Russ’ initial assessment is that he’s “a lunatic,” Cusick says.

Then he learns Jerry has worked with the 5-0 task force (yes, Steve McGarrett’s name is mentioned!) and has vital intel revealing the nefarious group Codex is still at large. “Little pockets [of agents] keep popping up,” Cusick explains.

If Phoenix is able to infiltrate and defeat this cell with Jerry’s help, could this be the start of a new alliance? “We still think he’s bonkers, but he’s a useful kind of bonkers,” Cusick says. “He’s pretty smart and we quite like him. So who knows?”

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Check out the clip from the February 12 episode above and see the former co-stars together again!

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