Hot Mess: ‘Prodigal Son’s Malcolm Bright Is the Unglued Profiler We Love

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“Makes sense,” says Tom Payne, approving our title of “Hot Mess” for the unglued criminal profiler he plays on the twisted drama, Prodigal’s Son.

Who else sleeps in handcuffs at home and, should he nap at the office, wakes to find an NYPD colleague wearing protective body armor? (Malcolm Bright is a very aggressive sleeper.)

In Season 2, the nightmares continue for the traumatized son of serial killer Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen): He’s hiding the fact that his sister, Ainsley (Halston Sage), murdered a man — and he’s realizing that part of him enjoyed the cover-up.

On the job, Malcolm is even more unpredictable. “As long as he doesn’t step over that line completely, work is his weird therapy,” Payne says. But will his February 2 case be healing? A murder at Claremont Psychiatric Hospital forces him to collaborate with his inmate father to solve it. Says Payne: “It’s torturous for Malcolm.”

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