The Jabbawockeez Are Rockin’ With Robin on ‘Teen Titans Go!’ (VIDEO)

Face masks aren’t just for COVID and superheroes. In fact, the Jabbawockeez have been sporting them for over a decade, well before they burst onto the pop-culture scene by winning the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Now, the innovative troupe that’s popped up on everything from The Bachelorette to their own Vegas stage show to Da Baby’s 2019 SNL performance of “Bop” is hanging with an equally animated gang: The Teen Titans.

In this week’s 300th of Teen Titans Go!which is also the show’s long-awaited seventh season premiere—the hip-hop collective gets cartoonized to help Robin slay a panel of very familiar Justice Leaguers judging the “Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition.” And in keeping with TTG‘s always irreverent take on the DC Comics’ junior squad, TV Insider’s exclusive clip is as pure cheek. Check it out above.

'Teen Titans Go!' Hits Shelves With a Camp-y AdventureSee Also

'Teen Titans Go!' Hits Shelves With a Camp-y Adventure

We're still waiting on that seventh-season renewal, Cartoon Network!

And should you need to catch up on the animated comedy, Cartoon Network has been marathoning the show all week in huge blocks, including a day-long binge on Friday, January 8.

Teen Titans Go!, Season 7 Premiere, Friday, January 8, 6/5c, Cartoon Network