Happily Ever After? ‘Y&R’s Jordi Vilasuso Previews Sharon & Rey’s New Year’s Eve Wedding

Jordi Vilasuso The Young and the Restless
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Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) are set to tie the knot today on Young and the Restless, but as soap fans know no wedding is a done deal until the “I do’s” have been exchanged. What could possibly halt Rey and Sharon’s ceremony? Maybe Sharon’s residual feelings for her ex, Adam (Mark Grossman)?

One thing we do know is that viewers are going to see the return of Rey’s family — mother Celeste (Daytime Emmy-winner Eva LaRue) and brother Arturo (Jason Canela) — for the planned festivities.

What makes Rey think he’s the man for Sharon? Read on to get scoop from the happy groom!

Fans really don’t like it when family members don’t return for weddings so, kudos to Y&R for bringing back Celeste and Arturo for the big day.

Jordi Vilasuso: For sure. It gives the event gravitas. It’s meaningful for the Rosales family to [all] be together. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Sasha [Calle, who plays Lola] and I are the only Hispanic members of CBS Daytime. We’re very proud to represent that. Rey marrying one of the legendary figures on the show means a lot. Rey being with his family is a nice touch at a time when people need to escape. Honestly, them being here brings me so much joy.

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I’d love to see them back more often. There’s always such a great dynamic when we’re all together. We’re a ‘touchy-feely’ group, but we can’t be [because of the coronavirus]. But that kind of charge, that chemistry is there. I think my cheeks were hurting from all the smiling I was doing.

What does Rey bring to Sharon’s life?

Before Sharon, Rey was with his (now ex-wife) Mia (Noemi Gonzalez). She was a spit-fire. He couldn’t really hold her. She’d slip out of his hands. That was alluring for Rey when he was younger. His relationship with Mia was about opposites attracting. It was entertaining and fun. It was something he enjoyed, but it was less grounded than what he has with Sharon. She has this kindness and humanity about her. Sharon and Rey have this very mature relationship.

I remember talking to Josh [Griffith, head writer/co-executive producer] after Adam came on. He broke down what Rey is. He’s an evolved man of the 21st century. He’s had these arrows slung at him and now he’s with this woman who, at her core, is one of the most kind, compassionate, understanding human beings. Their relationship was built by going through various trials. Rey is loyal to the end and he really stuck it out with her. It was unfortunate because of COVID, Rey couldn’t [physically comfort her], but the ordeal solidified their relationship.

Sharon Case The Young and the Restless

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Initially, Sharon proposed to him!

Yes. Again, that’s very 21st century, a very evolved idea. People are breaking down traditions and getting rid of old ideas. I thought Sharon proposing to Rey was a welcome consideration. Rey liked being proposed to.

Is Rey secure that he’s the man for Sharon and she’s not feeling a pull to ex-husbands Nick (Joshua Morrow) or Adam?

Rey has a trust with Nick. There’s a bond there. I don’t know Nick’s complete history, but I know he and Rey get along very well. There was never a time when Rey felt threatened by Nick in terms of his relationship with Sharon. That’s why he felt comfortable asking Nick to be his best man.

I bet you that has happened before. In fact, I actually know a woman who ended up marrying her ex-husband’s business partner and they had a baby. A year later, things between the two men got resolved and they became best friends again. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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Adam, however, is a different story!

Yes. Rey sees past Adam. He knows about Adam’s past. He refers to Adam as a convict. Rey loves Sharon so much that Rey’s willing to tolerate that she has a past with Adam. I do try to include [in my performances] that Rey doesn’t want to be screwed with … Rey’s a human being. But I might go too far with it. I don’t want Rey frowned upon; I respect the direction I receive. One of the things that Rey loves about Sharon is her compassion for people — whether it’s for people Rey feels deserve that compassion or not.

You mentioned Mia earlier — how great is it that Noemi is doing so well!

She’s starring on the No. 1 show on Netflix, Selena: The Series. She has a huge role on that show. I’m so proud of her. She’s worked so hard. I’m so happy for her.

Jordi Vilasuso Young and the Restless Rey Rosales

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What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

We’re doing the whole home-schooling thing. I’m really proud of my kids. My eight-year-old daughter [Riley Grace] was invited to join a gymnastics team. They practice with masks. I’m very happy she has that outlet. I’ve become quite the handyman around my house. I’ve put my hardhat on and have been building things for my kids. They get involved. My little one [Everly Maeve] has a little Black & Decker outfit. I’ve put the focus on my children. It’s such a blessing that I can come home [so much] and be with my girls.

Do you think that this marriage — if the ceremony happens — will last?

I think people feel that Rey’s going to get his heart broken — such is the life of being on a soap opera! There’s always the potential for roadblocks.

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