’90 Day Fiancé’: Don’t Get Too Excited (RECAP)

Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 3 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

The couples adjust to being in America, as Julia spends her first day in Washington, D.C. and Hazel arrives in Virginia. Plus, new (and concerning) couple Amira and Andrew are introduced, leaving us all with a sense of overwhelming dread. Can these fiancés really make it in the U.S.?

Wake Up Call

“It’s amazing waking up next to her,” Brandon gushes about fiancée Julia.

Granted, their short hotel visit in Washington, D.C. will be the only time he will literally wake up next to her before returning to his family farm. Julia is still upset over the fact his parents won’t allow them to stay in the same room, but the couple forego their issues to go sightseeing. “My mom’s got it all planned out,” Brandon repeats as Julia voices her hope for more alone time.

Julia, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8


It seems like Julia has a plan of her own once they get back to Virginia. “If we stay in different rooms, of course we [will still] have sex but in a different place,” she promises in a confessional. Brandon tells her that he will try reasoning with his parents again.

Swamp Stew

Jovi helps Yara dress appropriately for the bayou to meet his mom. “Jovi is from the swamp!” she jokes.

Later that day, the couple arrive at Jovi’s mother’s home. Yara and his mom Gwen discuss cooking a traditional Cajun stew, but Gwen still has her reservations. “Of course I can see why Jovi is attracted to Yara,” Gwen says to the camera. “Of course she’s pretty. I can see that. But if I don’t like her and if I get a bad feeling, I’m going to open my mouth. I can’t watch him make a mistake and not say anything.”

Yara, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8


Yara explains that she’s uncomfortable staying at Gwen’s house overnight but ultimately agrees that it’s OK for one evening. Jovi receives a call from work, and he learns he needs to leave for his job a few days sooner than he expected. It seems like Gwen and Yara will spend a lot of time together while he is gone.

Gwen asks if the engaged duo have any wedding plans thus far. Yara prefers to tie the knot in Las Vegas, mainly so her own family doesn’t feel left out in the Ukraine. “It’s just like wedding for one side. I don’t want that,” Yara opens up, citing it would be unfair if only Jovi’s family is there.

Gwen says their decision is “sad” and calls Yara “selfish.”

Meet Andrew & Amira

Looks like we have another fairytale happy-ever-after on our hands. Roseville, California-based Andrew, 32, wears a knight costume for story time at the daycare center where he teaches. “It’s certainly not a profession that men find themselves in, but I think that a positive male influence is incredibly important,” he starts.

Andrew, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8


He runs the daycare with his mother out of her house. Andrew uses his 12-hour work day as an excuse to not have a “large group of friends” and is a self-described loner. As for his dating life, he has yet to be in a serious, long-term relationship. He hopes to have a family soon and opted for an international dating site. Andrew found his princess in Amira, a 28-year-old French woman.

They already don’t have much in common: We see Amira walking through the vineyards in her hometown of Saumur while donning an equally unreasonable outfit. “I like to talk to my friends, hang out with them,” she introduces herself. “I like to buy makeup and look at makeup news everyday…Other than that, I’m always daydreaming about love, the perfect relationship, and the perfect life I can have.”

Andrew and Amira, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8


Amira is half French, half Egyptian, and explains she never felt at home in France. After only two days on a dating site, she connected with Andrew. The couple met in Las Vegas and sparks flew. Andrew proposed after three days. “He really makes me feel like a princess,” Amira smiles.

The pair have been waiting for over a year to receive the K-1 visa. While Amira finally got the visa, she now “can’t even use it” because of COVID-19. The visa is valid for five months, but Amira received the paperwork in June 2020 — the same day that President Trump announced a travel ban on Europe.

Andrew stresses in California that Amira won’t be able to use the visa before its expiration date. He boasts to his mother that he’s good at “finding loopholes” and explains his plan: Amira will meet him in Mexico, the couple will quarantine there for 14 days, and then cross the border into the U.S.

Brotherly Love

Cut to March 2020, and Tarik prepares for Hazel’s arrival. He goes shopping with his friend Angela to find a suit in Hazel’s favorite color, powder blue. Angela is skeptical over whether or not Hazel and Tarik can make it down the aisle, but she still supports his decision to follow his heart.

It’s revealed that Tarik’s brother Dean will not be attending the wedding, though. Dean famously voiced his doubts of Hazel and accompanied Tarik on his first trip to the Philippines to meet her. “After Dean gave me so much s**t, he turned around and did the same thing that I did,” Tarik opens up. “He met some girl on WhatsApp, moved with her to the Philippines.”

Tarik's Brother Dean, 90 Day Fiancé


Tarik calls out Dean’s hypocrisy, and the brothers haven’t spoken in months. He’s more focused on his daughter Ari anyway.

Tarik explains Ari’s place on the autism spectrum and voices his concern if Hazel can co-parent her. “There’s a lot at stake for me to have Hazel move into my home with me and my daughter,” Tarik says in a confessional. “I’m hopeful, but you never really know someone until you live with them.”

Ups & Downs

Mike and Natalie leave their Seattle hotel room to drive to his farm in Sequim. Natalie already is having a great time. “Last night was great. Me and Mike have ups and downs, but when it comes to our sexual relationship, then we have ups,” she laughs.

Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé


But very quickly they have another down: Natalie starts asking how Mike’s uncle Beau feels about being kicked out of his house for her arrival. They plan on meeting Beau before going back to the farm, but Natalie has mixed feelings about the encounter, mainly because Mike hasn’t given her the ring back.

The trio meet at a restaurant in Seattle. “When I see Uncle Beau, I thought that he’s just this countryside guy, but I like his style,” Natalie states in a confessional. “Uncle Beau is the most stylish man ever.”

Beau orders whiskey in the morning and brags he can drink “however many they bring me.” Natalie breathes a sigh of relief when Beau confirms he has moved out of Mike’s place. She explains it’s not personal, but she and Mike need their privacy.

The waiter awkwardly flirts with Natalie, and she jokes that if she doesn’t have a ring, she’s not totally tied down. Without an engagement ring, she’s embarrassed to introduce herself as Mike’s fiancé. Uncle Beau gives his blessing regardless and wishes them the best.

Instagram Boyfriend

Brandon’s mom apparently moonlights as a Washington, D.C. tour guide. She starts spouting facts as Julia takes photos with her selfie stick to make her friends and followers “jealous” about her being America. Brandon also takes influencer photos for Julia as she poses in front of the Washington Monument and complains in a confessional. Julia admits she’s not interested in politics, much to Brandon’s parents’ dismay.

Brandon and His Mother, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8


Later, Brandon speaks with his mom and explains Julia is unhappy with their separate bedroom policy. Brandon’s mom calls Julia’s response a “red flag,” which seems a little harsh given the situation. He also asks his mother what he should do if Julia gives him an ultimatum. Basically, he’s prepping for the worst possible outcome once they get back to the farm.

Dr. Daycare

Amira packs for her move to the U.S. and FaceTimes Andrew, who is wearing a ridiculous Dr. Seuss hat (as if we needed a reminder of his job). She voices her fear that they won’t be allowed into America from Mexico, but he promises that he knows what he’s doing, because a career in daycare is basically the same as being an expert in international relations.

Hazel’s Arrival

Tarik drives to the airport to pick up his fiancée Hazel. He wears his new powder blue suit to please her, but he’s still anxious to tell her about his recent texts with their ex Minty. After two years together, Hazel and Tarik are finally together in the U.S. The couple kiss and embrace.

Hazel and Tarik, 90 Day Fiancé


Even though Hazel is excited to be with Tarik, she had a difficult time saying goodbye to her son in the Philippines. “I’m hoping I can get my son here someday and have a better life,” she says in front of Tarik.

“Trailer Park Wedding”

Back in Louisiana, Yara decides to spend the night at Gwen’s home. She complains privately to Jovi that their dinner was “not so much tasty,” and he counters by saying that he thinks her hometown sucks, too.

Yara and Jovi, 90 Day Fiancé


Yara also stands her ground about their wedding location. “Even if my family can make it, there will be no wedding in this city,” she tells the camera. “I don’t want to get married in a trailer park.”

Less Money, Less Problems?

Brandon’s mom wants to keep the tour going, but he says he made reservations for a private dinner with Julia. “Now I think it’s time for us to have some time to ourselves,” Brandon explains, using the excuse to break the news to Julia that they definitely will be apart at the farm.

Brandon, 90 Day Fiancé


“If she says no, we need to leave very quickly,” Julia says to Brandon at the restaurant, pushing him to deny his mother. He tries to explain his financial situation, but Julia explains that she’d rather have less money and less fights with Brandon and his family if they move. She previously lived with an ex-boyfriend and his family and doesn’t want to repeat that bad situation.

Adjusting to America

Tarik and Hazel arrive at their house. He gives her a tour and even has to explain what a dishwasher is to her. She does complain that his house “isn’t clean,” but Tarik just rolls his eyes.

Tarik and Hazel, 90 Day Fiancé


Hazel finds his house overwhelming and “a little bit scary” coming from Manila. “I hope I can feel at home to live here,” she confesses.

“This Isn’t Love”

Amira meets with her father, who apparently doesn’t think highly of Andrew. Amira’s father is worried about her traveling during the pandemic, but Amira reveals that fiancé Andrew gave her an ultimatum. “If I don’t do the trip, he’s going to resent me forever,” she opens up.

“This is not love!” her father Hamdi responds. “I didn’t like how he acts with you. Every time he makes you cry.”

So maybe this fun and goofy daycare leader is actually darker than we thought? Amira starts to tear up just at the sound of Andrew’s name in front of her dad. “He always gives a lot of money between us so I have to do things for him,” Amira explains her tie to Andrew. Is this love?

Home Sweet Home

On the way to Mike’s house, Natalie calls the surroundings a “scary road.” Her opinion doesn’t change once they get to the farm. “This house looks like from a movie,” she tells the camera. “It’s like from horror movies. I just hate horror movies.”

Natalie, 90 Day Fiancé


She starts laughing as she walks into the main house. “The house is very small and it’s very cold,” she continues. Natalie starts to question why she left the Ukraine.


Finally, finally, FINALLY we get to see the so-called sugar mama couple for this season! Next week, Stephanie and Ryan are introduced, complete with a tarot card reading and a 25-year age difference. Plus, Julia freaks out at Brandon’s family farm, and Rebecca hopes for an update on Zied’s visa. Natalie also has more complaints about being with Mike, and Amira travels to Mexico against her better judgment.

See you next week 90 Day fans!

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