‘Superstore’ Showrunners on America Ferrera’s Farewell & What’s Next for Cloud 9

Superstore Season 6 America Ferrera
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 2 of Superstore, “California: Part 2.”]

Superstore hit a super milestone during tonight’s big episode, which served as the NBC show’s 100th installment as well as America Ferrera‘s farewell.

But is it the last we’ve seen of the Cloud 9 vet? After finally getting the green light to head to California for her new position at Zephra, Ferrera’s character Amy gets spooked when she learns beau Jonah (Ben Feldman) is planning to propose.

Her fear of marrying just because they’re moving together causes a rift, and while she leaves Cloud 9 sans Jonah, Amy is at peace by the end of the half-hour.

“That was sort of always the plan that Amy was suddenly going to be unsure about having Jonah move out there with her and what that meant for their relationship and the extra pressure that it put on the relationship,” co-showrunner Jonathan Green says.

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Despite the delay in this “Part 2” episode due to COVID-19, it would seem that the fan-favorite pair’s relationship was never meant to survive the life-changing move to California.

In fact, the virus plot introduced in last week’s premiere helped pace this storyline for Green and co-showrunner Gabe Miller. “It allowed us to put some time in between their decision to move to California together, and Amy [having] more and more doubts about what she was doing,” Green says. “If we had done that as our season finale last year, it might’ve felt a little whiplash-y to accomplish all of that in one episode.”

Despite the breakup, it seems that things between the pair were left pretty open-ended — and that was on purpose. “It was a tricky balance because of what we had to do with their relationship, but we also wanted the end of her farewell to not be a completely negative note,” says Green. “They’re not completely shutting that door forever because so much of it is about the timing of where they are and what they want, and how certain they are.”

But how will this affect Jonah?

Superstore Season 6 100th episode

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“We have lots of other stories not related to Amy that we’re excited about,” reveals Miller. “But just because it was such a big part of Jonah’s life, there’s also the messiness of getting out of a long-term relationship.”

“By no means [will fans] just see him move on as though that never happened,” Green adds. He also gives fans hope that they haven’t seen the last of Amy. “America is leaving the show on the best possible terms and we all love her and love working with her. … Yeah, [seeing her again] is a possibility for the future.” Just don’t expect to see her again this season.

As for what’s ahead, Miller says, “There’s going to be some changes in the management of the store and Glenn [Mark McKinney] is going to take over for Amy, but there will be some other developments down the line again. I don’t want to say too much.”

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