When Will ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Start Streaming on Peacock?

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Paramount Network

If you missed any of the third season of Yellowstone — especially leading up to that major cliffhanger — you’re in luck. It will soon be available streaming on Peacock.

The latest episodes of the Paramount Network drama following the Dutton family, who controls the United States’ largest contiguous cattle ranch, come to NBCUniversal’s streaming service, joining the first two seasons, on Sunday, November 22, according to Deadline. (The series premiere is available for free subscribers, but you have to pay for Premium to see the rest.)

While there are changes coming to the soon-to-be-rebranded Paramount Network (including a switch to a focus on made-for-TV movies), Yellowstone will be back for a fourth season. That’s good news, considering the third ended in August with multiple members of the Dutton family, including Kevin Costner’s patriarch John, in some serious trouble. Fans were left wondering if they’re about to say goodbye to a fan-favorite character. But Season 3 may be the last you watch as hour-long installments; moving forward, two episodes each might air together “as a cinematic experience … with limited commercial interruptions.”

The fourth season may not have a premiere date yet, but that just gives you plenty of time to catch up or rewatch what just happened. After all, as star Denim Richards (who plays ranch hand Colby) told TV Insider before the Season 3 finale, the episode will “be something that people will watch several times because they’ll look at it and they’ll hope to try to pick up some clues. But no matter what anybody guesses, you’ll never be able to guess the right answer as we go into this Season 4.”

Still, now at least you can try to do just that on Peacock.

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