Kal Penn Raps About the Supreme Court for ‘Kal Penn Approves This Message’ (VIDEO)

Kal Penn Approves This Message continues to encourage young viewers to get involved in the voting process, but the informative program explored uncharted territory in its most recent installment, “Kal Penn Approves Judges.”

In the episode, Kal Penn illustrated the power of federal and state judges to viewers and revealed why the most important positions at stake in this election may not appear on the ballot. In order to help get his message across, Penn put together a special rap which we have an exclusive extended version, above.

Taking a cue from the Hamilton tradition, the song works to inform but in a fun and exciting way through a catchy tune. “If someone lets you do a sketch where you rap with a puppet, you really don’t wanna say no! We try to do uplifting, fun segments on Kal Penn Approves This Message,” Penn gushes.

kal penn approves this message

(Credit: Freeform)

“I’ve always been a big fan of Sesame Street, the Muppets, and hip hop. My friend Chester Tam and I had created a fun rap years ago with The Lonely Island and enjoyed that experience so much, we figured we’d make another one for our episode about the Supreme Court,” he continued. “Felt like a very fun and silly way to talk about issues at a time when most of the attention to these things is pretty grim.”

Catch the fun music video above and don’t miss more informative episodes of Kal Penn Approves This Message each week on Freeform.

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