‘Big Brother’ Alum Jessie Godderz Fulfills His Season 11 Wish

Jessie Godderz Wrestling

Jessie Godderz may not have been recruited for the current All-Stars edition of Big Brother, but that isn’t stopping the two-time contestant from racking up the wins in a very different house.

The beefcake alum of Seasons 10 and 11 (as well as multiple guest visits since then), better known in the ring as Mr. PEC-Tacular, was just crowned inaugural Ohio Valley Wrestling National Heavyweight Champion.

“This is truly a dream come true.,” says the jacked and usually half-naked Iowa native, speaking exclusively to TV Insider.  “Since I announced on Big Brother 11 back in 2009 that I wanted to be a pro wrestler, I’ve been training and preparing for this moment my entire career. I have always enjoyed watching my heroes step in the wrestling ring since I was a kid and now to be one for a new generation of wrestling fans is truly humbling.”

Godderz’ monumental win — his ninth title so far — aired last Friday on YTA TV (available on the Roku app) and caught the attention of some of his famous fans, who took to Twitter to cheer him on. Among those throwing out the accolades were American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman, Star Trek icon and one of our favorite social-media sasspots William Shatner, and Jeff Timmons, the equally muscle-bound 98 Degrees singer Godderz recently paired with on the single “The Girl is with Me.”

“I’ve always loved watching real-life superheroes step into the wrestling ring when I was a kid and I’ve always wanted to be one of them when I grew up,” offers Godderz, who also costars as Dylan Buckwald on the Emmy-nominated web soap Tainted Dreams. “It’s been motivating me ever since…and now my dream has come true. It’s a tremendous accomplishment and I feel on top of the world.”

With his championship in place, Godderz hopes to continue expanding the OVW brand. “We are now seen in over 100 million homes in the US,” he notes. “And [even more] on dozens of platforms worldwide…this is only the beginning.”

Jessie Godderz OVW Championship YTA TV Big Brother

As for what’s next, Godderz says that he hopes “to stay Heavyweight Champ for as long as possible and take on all comers…I don’t plan on giving up this title anytime soon. I feel blessed beyond words.”

Who needs Head of Household when you can have that?