‘Phantom Signals’ Investigates the Strange & Unexplainable From Our Universe

Phantom Signals array
Science Channel

We are surrounded by an endless stream of infinite data, with information bombarding us from seemingly every direction.

These Phantom Signals, which are part of our everyday operations, help define our understanding of the Universe, and largely go unnoticed. That is until a glitch occurs. A blip on a screen, a faulty frequency, or a mysterious interference – what are these unknown signals? Where are they coming from? And what do they really mean?

In this all-new series, experts investigate these mysterious phenomena, explore whether life exists beyond our universe and breakdown the meaning behind these puzzling signals. Phantom Signals premieres Thursday, October 8 on Science Channel

Phantom Signals Rada Dish

Science Channel

From a suspected cosmonaut’s last communication and a mysterious cry for help over a radio, to an unexplained ghost in the radar weather over Kentucky, and a floating city in the clouds, this series leaves no mysterious signal unexplored.

When an intercept pilot chasing a potential UFO near the Canadian border vanishes without a trace, experts are left dumbfounded and searching for a reasonable explanation.

And when scientists discover a powerful radio beam in deep space that reaches Earth only to vanish and never return again, they’re left to wonder if the signal could have been a message, and whether some signals are forever beyond our understanding.

Whether secret clues to a hidden super volcano, a strange radio broadcast from the Cold War, or a mysterious knocking in space, Phantom Signals investigates the unexplainable that has the potential to change our understanding of data in our daily lives.

Phantom Signals, Premiere, Thursday, October 8, 10/9c, Science Channel