‘SNL’ Premiere: What Did You Think of Jim Carrey as Joe Biden? (POLL)

Saturday Night Live Season 46 Premiere Alec Baldwin Jim Carrey Trump Biden

After releasing a look at Emmy winner Maya Rudolph and Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey transforming into Kamala Harris and Joe Biden earlier in the week, Saturday Night Live began its 46th season with its parody of the presidential debate as its cold open.

“I think I’m going to do a really, really good job tonight,” Beck Bennett as Chris Wallace begins the sketch. Alec Baldwin returned as President Donald Trump (for which he won an Emmy in 2017), while Carrey debuted as the Democratic presidential candidate and Rudolph stepped back into the same shoes that earned her an Emmy this year for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

The “debate” goes on for quite a while — and even includes a guest appearance from Harry Styles as a meditation tape — before Rudolph walks in as Harris play mediator and declare that America needs a woman as president.

Watch some of the cold open of the Chris Rock-hosted premiere below. It includes Bennett’s Wallace attempt to moderate and bring up the topics of the debate, Carrey’s Biden saying he was “absolutely not” ready for the debate but had “the beginnings of 46 fantastic ideas I may or may not have access to,” discussion of the coronavirus, and Carrey’s Biden pausing Baldwin’s Trump with a TV remote and then addressing America (and confirming it would get “weird” when Bennett’s Wallace asked).

What did you think of Carrey’s impression of Joe Biden? Vote in our poll below.

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