Will ‘The 100’ Prequel Series Happen on The CW?

Iola Evans The 100 Prequel Spinoff Backdoor Pilot Anaconda Callie
Diyah Pera/The CW

May we meet again … in the past.

The 100 came to an end on Wednesday, September 30, but that may not be the last time you see the world and characters you met in the CW series’ seven seasons. The final season episode “Anaconda” served as a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff set back in time following the nuclear apocalypse. Not only did we meet a new group of characters, but there’s also so much the new show could explore if it’s picked up.

So far, that hasn’t happened, and fans may remain in limbo for a while longer. “What I can say in terms of whether or not it’s going to happen is that there are discussions that are still happening at the highest level,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg told Deadline. “I think probably I’d be talking out of turn if I mentioned where those conversations were happening, unfortunately, but there is a chance, a good chance, I guess, that it could come back.” That suggests it may not be released on the CW, like the original series.

The same stars from the seven seasons of The 100 are likely not going to come back, even if we meet some of their characters’ relatives. “One of the things I want to do is get it back up to space because concurrent with the timeline of the prequel, what’s happening in space is all the space stations that were separate at the time of the nuclear holocaust, are coming together to form the ark. So, up there is where we would meet the great, great, great grandmother and grandfather of all of our heroes,” Rothenberg explained. “Some of the actors have already tried to make the pitch that their great-great grandfathers and grandmothers look exactly like them. I doubt that’s going to happen.”

But he is hoping that the series itself is picked up. “I’m hoping to be able to continue this universe because I feel like it’s so rich and there is so much story to tell,” he said to Entertainment Weekly.

For now, all we can do is wait to hear about the future of the prequel. And for those looking to revisit the world by rewatching The 100, the first six seasons are streaming on Netflix.