7 Questions We Have After Watching ‘The 100’ Prequel’s Backdoor Pilot

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[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The 100 Season 7 episode 8, “Anaconda.”]

If your jaw is still on the floor after watching “Anaconda,” you’re certainly not the only one. Wednesday’s episode of The 100 answered some questions—like why Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) burned Becca (Erica Cerra) at the stake—but it posed so, so many others… which we hope will be explained in the prequel show, should it be ordered to series.

Here are seven things we’re still wondering about after watching this episode.

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Is Callie the first leader of Trikru?

One of the biggest revelations from the backdoor pilot was that Trikru started as a social justice group of Callie Cadogan (Iola Evans)’s creation—she also came up with a language that would become Trigedasleng. (Must’ve taken her a very, very long time!) With that in mind, Callie could very well be the first clan leader, considering how everyone seems to look up to her.

The 100 prequel pilot anaconda iola evans crystal balint
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How did the Grounder clans form?

Right now, it seems like it’s just Trikru; if there are other groups using variations on Callie’s name, we don’t know about them yet. So, how did the rest of the clans form? How did the Trikru-Azgeda war start? If it goes long enough, the prequel could delve into those topics, which would be pretty cool to see.

The 100 prequel pilot anaconda iola evans
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What’s up with Grounder society?

At the time the prequel series is set, people look and act much as they do today—well, setting the whole “cult” thing aside. But Grounder culture eventually turns into something pretty darn cutthroat and, at times, unsavory: they cast out children with birth defects, they kill people by death from a thousand cuts, they believe killing someone gives you their power and they train children to compete in bloody Conclaves. At least from what we know about her, that stuff doesn’t seem like it’d be Callie’s idea. But if it wasn’t her idea, who came up with all of it, and why did people decide to follow that instead of recreating normal societal roles and rules?

The 100 prequel pilot anaconda iola evans
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How does Mount Weather fit into all of this?

Are we about to see a young Dante Wallace (Raymond J. Barry)?! At the time everybody was heading into the Second Dawn bunker, the Mountain Men were sealed in a bunker of their own—difference being, unlike Callie and friends, they couldn’t leave theirs without dying of radiation exposure. We know they eventually started experimenting on Grounders to see how their bodies dealt with the radiation. This series could delve into the start of that antagonistic relationship.

Sleeping Giants
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So, what’s going on with The Ark?

It’s entirely possible the prequel will never get into the whole Ark thing, and that’s fine. But doesn’t it make your heart flutter a little to know the great-great-grandparents of our favorite characters are up there in the sky somewhere? It’d be awesome if the prequel at least acknowledged the Ark, if any of its characters are aware it exists—or, even better, if we were occasionally given glimpses into Ark society. After all, as much as it sucks to be on the ground in Callie’s time, it didn’t end up being a cakewalk to be in space, either.

Perverse Instantiation - Part Two
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Are we going to see the grandparents of our favorite Grounders?

In that same spirit, the show would almost certainly feature some Easter eggs with callbacks to current favorite and dearly departed Grounders like Indra (Adina Porter), Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Roan (Zach McGowan), Luna (Nadia Hilker), Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) and others. While the show probably wouldn’t go so far as to introduce them in their younger years, it’d be neat to get some kind of nod to these characters, especially because most were from Trikru. Could any of them be descended from Callie herself?

The 100 prequel pilot anaconda
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Is Callie’s friend Lucy still alive? And what’s the deal with August?

In all likelihood, Callie’s pal Lucy (Nicole Muniz) is probably dead. But what if she’s not? The Second Dawn weren’t the only group that survived, and it’s at least a slight possibility that her friend made it somewhere else, or someone helped her. That would make for a compelling drama if Callie stumbles upon survivors and finds her best friend… who she left to die. Oops! Probably not best friends anymore. Maybe she’s the first leader of Azgeda?

In addition, there’s an interesting tidbit about August (Leo Howard), the musician dude who wanted to save his girlfriend and who leaves with Callie at the end of the episode.

Per Deadline, Iola Evans and Adain Bradley, who plays Callie’s brother, Reese, had the option of becoming series regulars if the prequel is picked up to series. No mention is made of Howard, which begs the question of whether August will be long for the post-apocalyptic world should the show continue. Or maybe he’ll endure! Right now, there’s no way to tell.