‘The Neighborhood’ Will Address Issues of Police Brutality in Season 3 Opener

the neighborhood season 3
Fall Preview
Monty Brinton/CBS

It’s a somber day in The Neighborhood. The CBS sitcom about a Black family and their relatively new white neighbors opens Season 3 with a timely episode.

“We thought it was important to kick off with a story that addresses issues of police brutality against people of color,” executive producer Jim Reynolds says. The Butlers and Johnsons organize a peaceful protest, but things take a frightening turn for lovable curmudgeon Calvin Butler (Cedric the Entertainer) when son Malcolm (Sheaun McKinney) finds himself in jeopardy.

Reynolds admits it was a “tightrope” to walk: “You have to treat the situation with respect…but we found ways to keep it funny.”

More comic relief is on the way, as idealist Dave Johnson (Max Greenfield) campaigns to defeat unscrupulous city council member Isaiah Evans (returning guest Wayne Brady).

Says Reynolds, “We want to get back to the show our audience has grown to love and occupy a space of positivity in a world that could use it.”

The NeighborhoodSeason 3 Premiere, Monday, November 16, 8/7c, CBS