‘Batwoman’: Javicia Leslie Teases Ryan Wilder’s Batsuit (PHOTO)

Javicia Leslie First Look in Batwoman Batsuit
Javicia Leslie/Instagram

We’re still waiting for an official look at Javicia Leslie’s new character and new Batwoman Ryan Wilder, but the actress has shared a glimpse at what to expect when she suits up — at first, that is.

“Look out, Gotham, I’m suited up and ready to go,” Leslie wrote in the caption alongside a photo of herself in the titular hero’s cowl and wig. “But just wait until Ryan Wilder puts her own spin on the Batsuit.”


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Look out, Gotham, I’m suited up and ready to go… But just wait until Ryan Wilder puts her own spin on the Batsuit. @cwbatwoman

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At Batwoman‘s DC FanDome panel on September 12, both Leslie and showrunner Caroline Dries addressed the upcoming changes to the Batsuit for the new character stepping in as Gotham’s protector in Season 2. (With Ruby Rose’s exit between seasons, Kate Kane will be written out as part of an upcoming mystery.)

“Caroline and I were talking about how important it is that if we’re going to have a Black Batwoman that she needs to be, like, a sista when she becomes Batwoman,” Leslie said. “It’s important for her to feel like the silhouette of her could still look like that, with natural textured hair and things like that.”

They will be making sure “Ryan isn’t hiding what makes her awesome with the suit, so it’s going to be a little bit of an evolution” with the suit changing early in Season 2, Dries previewed. “Ryan is like, ‘For me to feel empowered in this thing, it needs to feel like I’m representing something that I’m fighting for.'”

And what Ryan is fighting for is exactly what she battled before she became Batwoman. “She was a girl who was a statistic of injustice the moment she was born and the system was not built for this person and she will constantly battle against the system,” Dries said. “She’s battled through it her whole life and she will continue to battle against it as Batwoman.”

Ryan will aim to help the community she’s part of, the one that’s “been neglected by the system,” Leslie added. “You’re going to see that community of Gotham that got overlooked [by the hospital and Crows],” like Mary’s (Nicole Kang) patients in the clinic.

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