‘Raw’ Superstar Liv Morgan Says First WWE Gold Would Be Validation

Liv Morgan at WrestleMania

Liv Morgan has rolled with the punches throughout her journey in WWE thus far. It’s been quite the identity search for the Raw superstar who, after flying solo for a number of months, came together with Ruby Riott to form the Riott Squad once more.  

Despite not having partner Sarah Logan, who was released in April, the two have found success. They recently defeated the IIconics where the losing side was forced to break up. The duo earned an opportunity to challenge for the women’s tag team titles at Clash of Champions: Gold Rush. The match didn’t take place because Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were not medically cleared. A decision regarding this situation will be made during Raw on Monday. 

Here, Morgan opens up about all she has endured and what it would mean to get her first taste of WWE gold. 

Your time on Raw has been a whirlwind. What has it been like for you to go through all these creative changes?

Liv Morgan: My 2020 started fresh off a breakup. We were split up, and I was used to being in a tag team for three years. I had people I could rely on. Coming back was all about finding myself and what I wanted to represent. Just seeing what I can do really. It has been a really long journey because I’ve tried to stay as authentic as I can. I feel differently every single day. It has definitely been a roller coaster. I hope everyone has enjoyed the ride because I don’t think it’s anywhere near close to stopping or slowing down. It’s about just being open-minded, trusting the process, trusting yourself and knowing everything happens for a reason. Even if it’s a ways down the line, you realize everything happens for a reason. You have to think positively in every aspect of life, especially your career and work. 

Liv Morgan Wrestling


You were tested against the likes of Natalya and Charlotte Flair. What did you take from those experiences?

Those are two top women of the division. When you think of Nattie, Charlotte, Asuka, all the women I’ve had the honor to work in my singles run… stepping in with the best will only make you better. I’ve worked hard to take what I do in the ring very seriously. I love this more than I ever could describe. When it’s all said and done, I want to be considered one of the very best. I try to do my best all the time. I want to consistently get better. I never want to be stagnant and comfortable in my abilities. You can never know it all, you always have to keep learning. 

What was your initial reaction to the idea of reuniting with Ruby?

I completely blew it off. I was not thinking about it. Seeing Ruby and being on the same show made it hard. Every Monday, whether I wanted to talk to her or not, seeing her in the hallway… whether she was calling or texting, I was very closed-minded. Here I am finally on my own and able to show the world what I can do. Then my long-lost best friend was out with double shoulder surgery. [The story goes] she comes to the ring, and I‘m thinking she wants to congratulate me [but then] she turned on me. It has been a work in progress and learning how to trust Ruby again. I believe in her, I believe in her intentions and pure. I don’t think she ever wanted to hurt me. I think a lot is unsaid feelings and misunderstanding. 

At the start, the Riott Squad appeared to be a random pairing. However, you three really became a cohesive unit. Without Sarah Logan, how would you describe the dynamic between you and Ruby?

The Riott Squad was the three of us. To not have one of those pieces, it doesn’t feel complete. I talk to Sarah all the time. We’re on a group chat. Ruby and I wear the wolf patch over our ring jackets, that’s for Sarah. The Riott Squad is three women [but] right now it’s two. So Ruby and I have been working on a little revamp. You’ll have to keep watching. 

When you say revamp, are you open to the idea of having another third member joining the group?

There are tons of people who have potential, but the Riott Squad is Ruby, Liv, and Sarah. No one else can fill that spot. What I meant by revamp was maybe going through a name change, something that is more fitting for us now that we are in an equal partnership where Ruby isn’t the leader anymore. That and the fact there isn’t Sarah anymore. So definitely an updated version of us is definitely due. That is what we’re working on now. 

Riott Squad


Viewers of Total Divas got to know you more on a deeper level. Your story and the way you’ve come up. How did you feel the E! series impacted fans’ perception of you?

I just wanted to be honest. A lot of people think of reality TV and want to hide pieces of themselves, which is completely understandable. I wanted to be completely open because I’m not unsure or uncomfortable with myself. I know I have flaws. I knew if I was going to do a reality show, even though I wasn’t a central focus, I just wanted to remain honest as I can be. I know the show reaches a whole different audience and demographic, so I know if people wanted to see me, they would see me for what I was. I’m really just another fan and like everyone else. I wanted people to see that. I’m just a normal 26-year-old trying to figure [herself] out. 

You mention recurring on Total Divas. Any talk of adding you to the main cast? Would that interest you?

It’s a very tedious schedule. When they’re filming, they’re filming the entire day. I’m open to it for sure if they wanted me on. I’d do it because I had a great time with the girls. It was something different than I’ve ever done before. I definitely would be open to it if it was a thing, but who knows. 

How would you describe the landscape of the women’s division right now? There are fans who clamor for another Evolution show or Mae Young Classic. At the same time, there is this push for equality and equal representation.

I think women’s wrestling is just as prominent and hot as it has ever been the last couple of years. I don’t think it has slowed down. I personally don’t feel like I am shunned for any time or anything like that. I definitely would love to see another Evolution though. I hope that is something in the works. The first one did so well and was such a good and special show [that] I hope we have another. 

Is there a dream opponent if there was another one? There were a number of legends participating in the last time and even in this year’s Royal Rumble.

I’d love to defend our WWE women’s tag team titles against Lita and Trish Stratus. I think Ruby and myself versus those two would be awesome. Maybe a TLC match or in a steel cage. 

That’d be great. Staying on the subject of titles, what would winning your first championship in WWE mean to you?

Becoming a champion is everyone’s goal because it means you are considered one of the best at what you do at that particular time. It’s what the championship is supposed to represent. I feel like, for me, it would be a confirmation of everything I’ve wanted. I’ve been a lifelong fan, it has been such a dream of mine. Winning the titles would bring everything full-circle. You would then see a different side of Liv. One who feels validated in everything she has fought for because she has the championship to prove it. We are so looking forward to this. Even if we don’t get it on Sunday, which we totally are, we won’t stop until we get them. 

Liv Morgan


We are seeing Retribution — made up of familiar faces who are getting a chance to be featured prominently — causing anarchy on Raw. What do you make of this group?

Good for them. I’m very happy for them getting an opportunity. A few weeks ago Ruby and I had a match versus Shayna and then Nia. We beat Shayna, and on our way to beating Nia, all the lights go off. Retribution pops on the screen. We’re definitely conscious of them because they interrupted our match and caused destruction everywhere they go no matter who or what it is. They’re definitely on our radar. We have to be prepared at all times. We know there is nothing they wouldn’t do. It adds a new element to even being at work. 

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