New Mysteries Await in ‘Ghostwriter’ Season 2 First Look for Apple TV+ (VIDEO)

Ghostwriter Season 2
Apple TV+

Get ready to unravel new mysteries because a second season of Apple TV+’s Daytime Emmy Award-winning series Ghostwriter is coming soon, and we have your exclusive first look.

The family program will premiere its sophomore season on Friday, October 9, with seven all-new installments ready to binge. A reimagining of the 1992 hit series from Sesame Workshop, the modern-day Ghostwriter features a city-based group of multicultural friends.

At the center of the story are kids Ruben Reyna (Isaac Arellanes), Chevon Redmond (Amadi Chapata), Curtis Palmer-Moreno (Justin Sanchez) and Donna Palmer-Moreno (Hannah Levinson), who feature in the exclusive key art below. Children ages 6-11 are invited to see themselves on screen as the group learns to appreciate new and classic literature.

Ghostwriter Season 2 Apple TV+

(Credit: Apple TV+)

In Season 2, the young heroes will work to save their bookstore and discover the true identity of the Ghostwriter while introducing viewers to fresh tales such as “Malia and the Magic Paintbrush” and “The Cobalt Mask.” They’ll also explore literary characters including Sherlock Holmes‘ Dr. Watson and more.

Luke Matheny returns as writer and director of the series, with Andrew Orenstein serving as showrunner. Catch your first look at the latest adventures of Ghostwriter’s kids in the trailer below, and don’t miss the show’s return this October on Apple TV+ .

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