‘AGT’ Results: 5 More Acts Advance to the Season 15 Finals

America's Got Talent Judges Season 15 Semifinals Week 2
Chris Haston/NBC

Six more acts are sent home in Wednesday’s results show of America’s Got Talent, but five others are sent through to the finals.

W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, Kenadi Dodds, Max Major, Bello Sisters, Celina, Jonathan Goodwin, Cristina Rae, BAD Salsa, Voices of Our City Choir, Brett Loudermilk, and Daneliya Tuleshova performed Tuesday night for judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara and host Terry Crews. (Simon Cowell is out recovering from back surgery.) Then it was up to America to vote.

Read on to find out who’s joining Alan Silva, Archie Williams, Brandon Leake, Broken Roots, and Roberta Battaglia in the finals.


The top three acts via America’s vote overnight immediately advance. First, Celina is eliminated, while Cristina Rae makes it to the next round. “We will end this journey together. I’m so excited for you,” Klum tells her Golden Buzzer. “You’re a huge inspiration to so many, especially your little son. With everything you do, you’re such an amazing role model. Cristina Rae, a ray of sunshine.”

Cristina Rae America's Got Talent Season 15 Semifinals Performance

Cristina Rae (Chris Haston/NBC)

Then, Daneliya Tuleshova advances, while W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew and Voices of Our City Choir are sent home. “She knows what she’s doing. She’s already a star,” Vergara says. “You just have to keep being yourself and putting all that soul into what you’re singing.”

And finally, Brett Loudermilk and Jonathan Goodwin are eliminated, while the Bello Sisters are going to the finals. “America made the right choice. We’ve seen acrobats and athletes before, but never three beautiful women with that kind of strength,” Mandel says. “Just keep delivering what you’re delivering.”

The Dunkin’ Save

The acts that came in fourth, fifth, and sixth places overnight  — Kenadi Dodds, BAD Salsa, and Max Major, in no particular order — are up for the Dunkin’ Save (via another round of online voting during the show). Moving on is Kenadi Dodds. “I think you are an absolutely incredible young lady,” Klum tells her. “You have such an amazing talent.”

The Judges’ Choice

Then, it’s up to the judges to decide, and Vergara and Mandel vote for BAD Salsa.

BAD Salsa America's Got Talent Semifinals Season 15 Performance Week 2

BAD Salsa (NBC)

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