Jude Law Previews ‘Intense’ & Atmospheric Thriller ‘The Third Day’

The Third Day Jude Law HBO

A British island with a violent past is the mystery-shrouded setting for this six-episode psychological thriller told in three parts: Summer, Fall and Winter. The first begins when grieving father Sam’s (Jude Law) random act of kindness takes him to Osea, where he’s stranded for three nights with the creepy locals.

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In the HBO special, an all-star cast delivers satirist Paul Rudnick's inspired rants about life in a polarized society during a pandemic.

He soon bonds with fellow outsider Jess (Katherine Waterston), who’s come for an ancient festival open to the public for the first time. Law previews the atmospheric drama.


(Credit: HBO)

In the story, Osea has no cell service, the causeway connecting it to the mainland is often inaccessible, and the natives are just odd. Why doesn’t Sam run?

Jude Law: The pull is the offer of some kind of understanding of the pain he’s carrying and some respite from that. But he’s also aware that’s possibly a false promise. Occasionally he’s all in; the next minute, he’s like, “Get me out of here.” We all feel that contradiction at times. It only gets more intense. At its heart, [the island] possibly offers him relief, but at a price.

Sam is suffering from the loss of his son. Was that difficult for you emotionally?

After a while, playing someone that broken and carrying such pain was a hard place to go every day. It felt like a responsibility to try and stay there, to be true for those who have been through that kind of loss themselves.

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The actress plays a nurse in this pandemic-era, play-like presentation.

You were “trapped” on Osea while shooting. How was it?

I love filming outside. Having the elements is like having God on your side. Work was a five-minute bike ride from my cottage.

The Third Day, Series Premiere, Monday, September 14, 9/8c, HBO