‘Big Brother’: Which All-Star Should Win? (POLL)

Big Brother All-Stars Season 22

Big Brother: All-Stars is well underway and the game is anyone’s to win, unless you’re on the chopping block…

While the returning houseguests dread the idea of hearing Julie Chen Moonves announce their name as Big Brother‘s latest evicted player, fans at home are rooting for their personal favorites. Whether it’s vets like Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina or fresher faces such as underdog David Alexander and Bayleigh Dayton, its a season that can unify viewers old and new.

As viewers have learned over the years, it’s not always about physical strength when it comes to winning this long-running TV game. Wits are also an essential ingredient when it comes to playing Big Brother, but who will use their brawn or brains best?

While the game continues on, we’re asking readers to let us know which contestants they think should win this edition of Big Brother: All-Stars.

Cast your vote for which All-Star you think should win this unique season of Big Brother and stay tuned to see which house guests make it the furthest.

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