‘The 100’s Bob Morley on How Bellamy Might Be Redeemed in Season 4

Bob Morley, The 100
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Bob Morley, The 100

Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) has always been the bad boy of The 100. This season, though, he really earned his rep when he aligned with Chancellor Pike (Michael Beach) and helped carry out Pike’s genocidal campaign against the Grounders. Thankfully, Bellamy’s inner hero reemerged when it came time to stop ruthless AI Alie (Erica Cerra), but can he ever truly be redeemed? (Pike did execute Bellamy’s sister’s Grounder soulmate, after all.) Here, Morley looks back on his character’s decisions and speculates on where he might be going.

What did you think of your arc this season?
Of course there were bits that were tricky, but it’s my job to try to figure out why Bellamy is doing these things and try to play them honestly. So I can understand where he came from and what his mind-set was. He doesn’t necessarily completely think things through.

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Was there a lot of talk on set about his actions?
Michael, Henry [Ian Cusick, who plays Kane] and I all sat down and had some good, lengthy discussions. There was one day where we were having a real debate over where Bellamy’s [loyalties] should lie, and it was quite fun.

Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick

Bob Morley with Marie Avgeropoulos and Henry Ian Cusick

And ultimately the story gave you great stuff to do.
Absolutely. A lot of things were baked into the storyline from the first two seasons that dictated Bellamy’s trajectory this year. Season 2 Bellamy spent a lot of time being the action man and doing the right thing—I think he was just trying to redeem himself for throwing away the radio and killing all those kids’ parents in Season 1. That guilt made him go, “OK, I’m just going to sacrifice myself and go into Mount Weather and try to do everything right.” Then Pike came along this year with a philosophy that was similar to how Bellamy felt about the Grounders in the beginning. I think it was tricky for the audience to get on board that train, but as these episodes went along, they started to come back around. I don’t mind people hating my character. They hated him in Season 1! [Laughs]

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While you were filming, were you anticipating the backlash?
I always think that Bellamy’s relationship with [his sister] Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is a barometer for how people feel about Bellamy. It’s the one thing that really humanizes him, so if those two are not good, then I know I’m going to be having a hard time on Twitter.

Will Octavia be able to get past everything he’s done?
For these first few seasons, I’ve seen it as not only a brother-sister relationship but also a father-daughter relationship. But Bellamy wasn’t equipped to be a father figure, and Octavia was going through her angsty teen phase. Hopefully we become more like brother and sister and talk to each other as equals, as adults.

Thankfully you have a fourth season to hash things out.
Yeah, we just might be able to mend it. We’ll see what happens!

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