Diesel Brothers Attempt New Feats With ‘Monster Jam Breaking World Records’ (VIDEO)

Diesel Brothers Monster Jam Breaking Records 2
Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Last year, the Diesel Brothers made history when they successfully jumped their massive, 12,000 pound BroDozer Monster Jam truck over a flying airplane, stunning audiences around the country. This year, the team – Heavy D and Diesel Dave, along with TV personality Chris Jacobs – reunite with their friends at Monster Jam for an even more epic night of record-breaking stunts and Guinness World Record attempts at never-before tried feats.

The three-hour stuntacular premieres Saturday, August 8 on Discovery Channel

Diesel Brothers Monster Jam Breaking Records 1

Courtesy of Discovery Channel

To dial the danger up a notch, veteran drivers from Monster Jam will attempt seven stunts striving to etch their names into the history books. For the first time in months, fans will have a front row seat as their favorite drivers climb back in their Monster Jam trucks to wow audiences with their jaw-dropping stunts.

Diesel Brothers Monster Jam Breaking Records 4

Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Adam and Krysten Anderson from the First Family of Monster Jam, will each be behind the wheel to attempt a world record. Adam hopes to smash the record for most monster trucks (8) jumped by a monster truck. He will be attempting the challenge in Megalodon. Younger sister Krysten looks to break that glass ceiling by taking the title for the highest ramp jump in Grave Digger.

Diesel Brothers Monster Jam Breaking Records 3

Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Other drivers featured include Bryce Kenny, who attempts to break the record for the fastest speed ever recorded in the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Monster Jam truck; Bari Musawwir, who will hop in Zombie with the hopes of crushing the title for the most consecutive donut revolutions in a monster truck and the most number of donuts in a monster truck in 1 min. And Tom Meents, who has his eyes set to break the Guinness World Record for the longest nose wheelie in Max-D.

Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records, Premiere, Saturday, August 8, 8/7c, Discovery Channel