Get Your First Look at the Trailer for HBO Max’s New Comedy ‘Frayed’ (VIDEO)

If you think you’re on shaky ground, maybe watching Simone Burbeck’s life play out in the new HBO Max comedy series, Frayed, will make you feel better… or at least laugh.

In the start of the British and Australian series, set in 1988, Simone’s (Sarah Kendall, also the show’s creator and executive producer) life looks pretty good. She lives in a London mansion with her picture perfect husband and two teenage kids — Lenny (Frazer Hadfield) and Tess (Maggie Ireland-Jones) — and the only complication in her life is deciding on her latest home renovation.

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However, all that changes when her husband dies of a heart attack (during a session with a sex worker, which says a lot about Simone’s marriage) and her world comes crashing down once its revealed her husband was deeply in debt. And, once she has to return to her hometown in working class Newcastle, Australia, it turns out that Simone’s past (including her name, which is really Sammy) isn’t what she has painted it out to be.

The folks at HBO Max sent over an exclusive first look at the trailer for Frayed, which you can watch above.

Frayed, Season 1 Premiere, Thursday, July 30, HBO Max