‘Tough As Nails’: Will Brains or Brawn Win Out in Dismantling a Car? (VIDEO)

Let’s head to the junk yard!

That’s where this week’s episode of CBS’ new competition series Tough As Nails heads as the scrappy Savage Crew and Dirty Hands teams compete a series of challenges. One of those tasks is taking apart an automobile piece by piece, with the winning team dismantling the car and putting all the pieces in a large bin. As with many of the challenges in the Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) hosted series, it might surprise you who does better in the brains department as opposed to the brawn department.

What surprised Keoghan, he tells TV Insider, was “how quickly complete strangers were able to find a way to work together effectively because they are so used to working on teams in their everyday lives. That said, there were some jobs that we had the teams do where there was a battle for control because the cast is filled with a group of the best of the best in their chosen trade – A types. There were times where each of them felt that their life skills gave them an edge over others who wanted to be boss.”

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Of course, not everyone is going to come out on top and, yes, the two competitors who came in last go into overtime and have to fight to stay in the individual competition. “From the onset it looked like it was going to be a run-a-way win for one of the contestants,” Keoghan says, “but then miraculously the other competitor caught up and there was a dramatic back and forth that ended in an emotional conclusion. Blood, sweat and tears – something you will see a lot of throughout Tough As Nails.”

For a closer look, CBS sent us an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode where Savage Crew member Michelle wonders why team leader Lynette isn’t making more noise to rally the gang. Check out the clip above for more of what you’ll see in this week’s episode.

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