Emmy Winner Bryton James Teases What Could Be Next for ‘Y&R’s Devon

Young and the Restless Bryton James
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While all the other acting categories at the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards had five nominees each, there were six contenders on the final ballot for Outstanding Support Actor, perhaps making the reveal as to who won more of a nail-biter.

The gold ultimately went to Bryton James for his portrayal of Devon Hamilton on Young and the Restless. It’s the performer’s second statuette, having taken home the gold in 2006 for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for the same part.

TV Insider chatted with James about his win, a story direction he might be going on when the show resumes production, reportedly, later this month, and more. Read on for the scoop!

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Plus, the star reveals what he'd like to see for his character when production resumes.

Congratulations on your bookend win!

Bryton James: Thank you very, very much.

What was on your reel?

Devon’s speech at Neil’s (the late Kristoff St. John) funeral. The panic attack he had after seeing ‘ghost Hilary’ (Mishael Morgan). I had scenes on it between Devon and Nate (Sean Dominic), Ana (Loren Lott), and Elena (Brytni Sarpy). Devon talked about him honoring Neil by paying things forward and why he paid off Elena’s loans. Devon and Elena saying they love one another.

Elena let Devon do that – pay off her medical school loans?

Reluctantly. Devon paid them off without her knowledge.


Devon got off so luckier than Kyle (Michael Mealor) did with that expensive purse he gave Lola (Sasha Calle). For the holidays.


Hey, that purse is legend now. Your reel sounds terrific. Can you talk about taping Devon’s speech at Neil’s memorial?

Yes. We had all attended Kristoff’s real funeral a week and a half before we taped Neil’s. The real service didn’t feel real. When we stepped on stage for Neil’s memorial, it was for everybody. This is where we knew him, grew up with him, and spent our time together. That was our home with him. Pretty much that whole day, we were trying to keep it together. There was not one bit of acting in that episode. I’d give anything in the world for those episodes not to exist. But I know he’s with us. It’s definitely my goal for as long as the show keeps me around to keep him proud.

Do you feel you’re carrying on the Winters family name?

Yes. Myself and also Christel [Khalil, who plays Lily]. We have the extended family of Nate. Yes, we’re carrying on as well as we can. The show’s been doing a great job of allowing us to, putting our characters in position to do just that.

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Plus, what's the connection between Devon's late wife Hilary and her doppelgänger Amanda Sinclair?

When the show returns with new episodes, we’re going to find out someday what connection – if any – there may be between Hilary and her doppelganger Amanda. There’s fan support for you and Mishael and you, and also for you and (your real-life girlfriend) Brytni. Have you been in an on-screen triangle like this – even though we’re not in it quite yet!

Not with two different women. I’ve been in one on-screen with Mishael and Kristoff, but there hasn’t been one like this. I think it’ll be positive. There’s a fan base for both. There’s love for Devon with both of those characters/actresses. Mishael and I have talked about how they’re going to make a connection between Amanda and Hilary – if there is one.

Where are you going to keep your second Emmy?

I do know that I’m going to keep it. My mom has my first one.

Your first Daytime Emmy-winning episode was recently rebroadcast on Y&R. Did you watch?

I did! I thought it was cool. I hadn’t watched it in such a long time. It’s fun to go back and see the things I used to do in scenes and how I’ve learned from that and things I’ve forgotten. It was good to see how I played Devon then because that informs how I play him now.

Bryton James on Young and the Restless in 2005 (©John Paschal/jpistudios.com)

How are you celebrating?

I’m here [at home] with friends and family. It’ll be special when I can see my mom again. I’m looking forward to getting back to work. I’ve been memorizing things just to get back into practice.

Obvious question – but were you happy Devon got his money back after Colin (Tristan Rogers) tried taking it away?

Very. It was an amazing and unexpected turning point to make Devon be related to Katherine Chancellor. To have him be able to continue her legacy with her finances is a very positive thing.

Was there anyone else you wanted to thank?

I was on a Zoom call with the cast, but I really want to thank each and every one of them. They’ve taught them and continue to teach me. I want to thank all of our producers, and also Marnie Saitta (our former casting director) and former producers Ed Scott (now Supervising Producer at Bold and the Beautiful) and Kathy Foster, and former head writer/co-executive producer Jack Smith. I want to thank Dave Duclon (executive producer), who chose me to be on Family Matters. And, also, Victoria Rowell (ex-Dru). Without her wanting to bring on a very important storyline about foster care to Y&R with my character, I definitely wouldn’t be here.

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