‘Council of Dads’ Finale: Oliver & Peter Aren’t on the Same Page About Adopting (VIDEO)

Oliver Post (J. August Richards) and Peter Richards (Kevin Daniels) have finally met the newest addition to their family … right?

Sage (Jazz Raycole) went into labor in the middle of the storm — good thing Oliver’s a doctor, even if he’s not an OB/GYN — and while Oliver and Peter should both be celebrating now that their son has been born, they’re not on the same page in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the Council of Dads series finale. (The stars announced the NBC drama’s cancelation prior to the airing of the penultimate episode.)

'Council of Dads' Cast Reacts to NBC's CancellationSee Also

'Council of Dads' Cast Reacts to NBC's Cancellation

Sarah Wayne Callies, J. August Richards, and Kevin Daniels shared what the NBC drama meant to them.

“You did good, Ollie,” Robin (Sarah Wayne Callies) tells her best friend and wants to know the baby’s name. Oliver has come up with a few possibilities, but Peter keeps rejecting them. “Nothing feels right yet,” he says.

Sage wants the baby tested for Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease. (Robin discovered she has GSS, a neurodegenerative brain disorder that is inherited, causes death, and for which there is no cure.) It’s up to the men if they want to know, and Oliver has already decided he doesn’t. “What good is knowing? It doesn’t change anything,” he explains. However, Peter disagrees because, “We gotta know. If we’re going to do this, we gotta know what we’re doing.” If? Uh-oh.

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Watch the sneak peek above to see Peter explain how he’s feeling and Robin offer Oliver advice.

“It’s a really telling thing that Oliver has had time with Sage to process this information, and then he and Sage went through this incredibly intimate event of her giving birth to this child, and Peter didn’t go through any of that,” executive producer Tony Phelan tells TV Insider.

“Oliver expecting Peter to just immediately be on board is a little unrealistic of Oliver, but it does go to what Oliver and Peter discover, which is that a lot of times, Oliver doesn’t listen to his partner very well and he’s not hearing what Peter is telling him,” he adds.

Also in “Fight or Flight,” Anthony (Clive Standen) finds Robin and her son Theo (Emjay Anthony) in peril at the storm-ravaged Perry home. (Theo had returned to rescue the family’s dog from the flooded basement and got his leg caught in the stairs.) Plus, the Crab Shack’s future is uncertain due to storm damage, and the Perry kids deal with the stunning news about Luly (Michele Weaver), whose blog post about Anthony being her biological father, not Scott Perry (Tom Everett Scott), ended up printed in the newspaper.

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