Where ‘Supernatural’ Left Off & What’s to Come When It Ends in Fall 2020

Supernatural Final Episodes Preview
Colin Bentley/The CW

After the pandemic forced Supernatural to stop filming its 15th and final season in March, fans were as bereft as angel ally Castiel (Misha Collins) when demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) would leave him behind on a mission.

The good news: Five of the seven remaining episodes have already been shot (postproduction adds are still needed), leaving The CW confident enough to announce the beloved horror show’s fall return. In other words, expect the world to be saved sooner rather than later!

When last seen, Lucifer’s powerful son Jack (Alexander Calvert) had regained his soul—in the Garden of Eden—setting in motion the plan to kill the vengeance-fueled God (Rob Benedict) and his sister Amara (Emily Swallow), aka the Darkness. Fast-forwarding to the ending, recent hints from both producers and cast indicate that the Winchesters’ fate may not be the tragic one the actors have predicted over the years.

So go ahead and send out invites to your cheeseburgers-and-beer watch party, but accept that whatever happens, this is still the end. Executive producer Andrew Dabb has made it clear that the Supernatural saga is laying its weary head to rest.

Supernatural Season 15 Dean Sam Winchester Castiel Jack

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