Aisha Dee Says Kat Is Without Her ‘Safety Net’ When ‘The Bold Type’ Returns

Aisha Dee as Kat in The Bold Type - Season 4B
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Life is changing for the girls when The Bold Type Season 4 resumes this summer.

Last we saw them, Kat (Aisha Dee) was fired for going up against the head of the board, RJ Safford, about his political beliefs and releasing his tax returns; Jane (Katie Stevens) had a double mastectomy; and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) married Richard (Sam Page) and was promoted to stylist. So what’s next for them?

For Kat, she has to figure out what’s to come career-wise, but expect some things to happen in her love life, too. “It wouldn’t be The Bold Type without it, right?” Dee pointed out to TV Insider.

Here, Dee previews what to expect when we catch up with Kat, Jane, and Sutton again.

When we last left the girls, they were all going through things in their professional and personal lives. Where do we find them when the series returns?

Aisha Dee: For Kat, we’re going to see her try to navigate this new chapter in her life, where she doesn’t have Scarlet and the title of Social Media Manager as part of her identity. We’re going to get to see her figure out what her next steps are and see her working as an activist a little bit, which I hope we get to see more of in the future.

We’re going to see Sutton as a newly-married woman and navigating what that looks like for her, and Jane post-mastectomy is figuring out how she feels about her body and developing a new relationship with it. All of the girls are in a very new and different space approaching something none of them are really prepared for.

The Bold Type Season 4B Kat Jane Sutton

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How is Kat feeling about getting fired and its effect on her life as more time passes?

We’ve always seen Kat take a lot of risks and react more on the passion than necessarily what seems logical at the time. She has a very strong sense of justice that seems to push her more than anything else. There’s definitely going to be some moments where maybe she is realizing the gravity of what happened and maybe at the time, she wasn’t quite prepared for that.

But overall the decision to take the risk of releasing RJ’s tax returns was something that she did out of passion and because of her love for Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) because it felt personal. I don’t think she’s going to regret it, but this decision is going to force her to face some of the privilege she hasn’t really ever had to look at before.

What will we see from Kat as an activist?

We do get to see Kat using her privilege as somebody who has the time and the space to be able to organize. We see her organize a protest right at the beginning of the [Season 4B premiere]. We’re going to get to see her trying to figure out what that means for her moving forward and how to survive in a city like New York when you don’t have a job to be your safety net. And maybe some other parts of her safety net are going to fall away, which I think is really important because up until now, she’s had these support systems that have been ready to catch her when she falls. For the first time, she’s out on her own a little bit.

And how’s her personal life going? Any luck in her love life?

She does have a little love-hate interest thing coming up this season that I think will be interesting. In general, we get to see Kat explore intimacy and how she feels about it, especially after her first heartbreak. That kind of put things in perspective for her and she’s been a little more cautious since then.

The Bold Type Kat Jane Sutton Season 4B

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If Scarlet were to ever be an option for her again, would she want to return? What changes would she want to see before she would?

I’ve thought about that a lot. [Laughs] This might be a little too much, but I just feel like if she goes back to Scarlet magazine, for Kat, I want her to be running the place. I hope that in the interim, she gets to learn some lessons and just grow up a little bit and learn some stuff and then come back and be the boss lady. That’s what I want for her. I guess that’s what it would take.

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