‘The Thomas John Experience’: The Psychic’s Readings Help Unsuspecting People (VIDEO)

The Thomas John Experience CBS All Access Premiere Date Trailer

A new CBS All Access series teaches you that you never know who could be behind the wheel of your rideshare.

World-renowned psychic medium Thomas John is coming to the streaming service with the unscripted The Thomas John Experience on Thursday, June 4. All eight episodes will be available to binge.

“I speak to people on the other side,” he explains in the series trailer. And while there will be both believers and skeptics, there are plenty of people surprised once he tells them the names or descriptions of people coming to him. (At one point, he even reaches someone for one of his crew. “No offense, we’re not going to talk to her right now,” he tells her.)

“You never really know how a certain reading is going to help someone,” John says. Watch the trailer below to see him surprising people, passing on messages, and providing answers and closure.

During The Thomas John Experience, the psychic travels across America and uses his ability to connect unsuspecting people — for example, while he’s behind the wheel of a rideshare in Chicago and dining in Los Angeles — with those they’ve lost on the other side.

Check out the key art, with some of the people John helps, below.

The Thomas John Experience CBS All Access Key Art


The Thomas John Experience, Series Premiere, Thursday, June 4, CBS All Access