‘Partners in Crime’ Brings Agatha Christie’s Coolest Sleuths to Life

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford were Agatha Christie’s coolest sleuths. Nothing like fuzzy village spinster Miss Marple or fussy Belgian egotist Hercule Poirot, but young adventurers — occasional spies, in fact!

The husband and wife (David Walliams and Call the Midwife‘s Jessica Raine) need each other: He’s stolid and not the cleverest of thinkers; she’s bright but impulsive.

In this six-parter from 2015, the contemporary intrigues of Christie’s 1922 novel The Secret Adversary and 1941’s N or M? have moved into the Cold War era.

If the Beresfords’ brand of detection relies a bit heavily on luck and the ineptitude of their foes, well, that can be forgiven.

Agatha Christie's Partners in crime

(Credit: Ovation)

Tuppence’s elegant ’50s suits are as heavenly on the eyes as the beaded extravagances worn by Francesca Annis when she played the character in a 1983–84 adaptation (Amazon Video). The title in no way refers to crimes of fashion!

Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime, Series premiere, 7/6c, Ovation