‘Space Force’s Greg Daniels on Re-Teaming With Steve Carell & Remembering Fred Willard (VIDEO)

Netflix’s latest comedy from The Office duo Steve Carell and Greg Daniels is ready to launch as Space Force preps for landing on Friday, May 29.

Aiming to bring some laughs viewers’ way, Daniels caught up with senior writer Kate Hahn and covered a lot of ground, debriefing on everything from the show’s inspiration and teaming up with Carell once again to remembering cast member and late comedy legend Fred Willard.

“Working with Steve is delightful,” Daniels shares. “I had seven years of it on The Office and it was really my favorite experience.” This certainly explains the reunion, as Daniels says, “He and I were trying to come up with another comedy to do together.”

But where did the idea come from? Well, Netflix actually. “They suggested doing something about Space Force because it had just been announced,” Daniels continues, and when Carell pitched it to him, the writer was sold. And although fans may think they know what to expect, Space Force is not the same show as The Office.

Fred Willard Space Force

Fred Willard in Space Force (Credit: AARON EPSTEIN/NETFLIX)

“I think people had this expectation before the trailer came out that this was a mockumentary like The Office, but set on a spaceship, and that’s really not what the show is,” Daniels reveals. “The show is set on Earth, it’s about this new military branch, and the look of it and the feel of it is very different from The Office.”

The co-creator promises plenty of laughs, including from star Fred Willard, remembering the then-86-year-old comedic actor as a “legendary improvisor.” Daniels went on to relay a sweet behind-the-scenes story about Willard. Catch the full interview in the video above and don’t miss Space Force when it debuts on Netflix this month.

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