‘B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Previews a Week Devoted to Brooke Logan

Katherine Kelly Lang Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful producers hope to restart filming original episodes in June, but for now classic re-airings of B&B continue as the coronavirus has exhausted the supply of episodes of the half-hour CBS sudser. This week, B&B features five episodes that spotlight Brooke Logan Forrester, played by original cast member Katherine Kelly Lang.

In addition to her romances with Ridge (first, Ronn Moss; now, Thorsten Kaye), Eric (John McCook), and Nick (Jack Wagner), this week also features a re-airing of B&B’s 5000th episode featuring a flashback of Brooke’s first meeting with longtime rival Stephanie (Susan Flannery).

TV Insider chatted with Lang about the upcoming episodes, which start today, what she’s been doing to stay busy while self-quarantining, and which episodes she’d like to see as B&B continues to roll out classic episodes.

Today’s episode picks up after Eric and Brooke took off in the balloon ride after their Palm Springs wedding in 1991. It didn’t work out between them, but, boy, not for lack of trying! That was one romantic honeymoon Eric put together!

Katherine Kelly Lang: That was so cool! I remember being up in the balloon. We were so high up! I was wondering is this okay? I was nervous. We could see everything, everywhere. John and I were trying to do this romantic scene. The cameraman and balloon operator were crouched down below us so they wouldn’t be seen in the shots the helicopter took. It was amazing. Later, we rode horses across the desert and John asked me how do you do this? I was like, ‘Woo-hoo! Let go!’

It was nice going to Palm Springs. We could drive there in a few hours. I had just had my son Jeremy [Snider]. I still had the baby weight, but it was a really fun remote. Eric had set up a tent in the desert and that was really romantic.

On Tuesday, we have the reveal of Brooke’s Bedroom line for Forrester. Brooke brought a lot of new ideas to Forrester Creations. Stephanie was not a fan of Forrester expanding this way, but these were successful ventures.

Exactly! Brooke has brought a lot to Forrester – she created BeLief, the wrinkle-free fabric solution, Brooke’s Bedroom, and Taboo. She’s been very successful. I thought it was great when the show brought Brooke into more of a power position. It’s good to show diversity in Brooke’s life. She can be fun and sexy and also [a good businesswoman]. She came from a family that brought her up right. She worked hard and went to college. She’s not dumb. She’s smart – and at the same time, she has a big heart. She loves romance and fashion.

On Wednesday, the show’s 5000th episode is being rebroadcast. It features yourself, Flannery, McCook, and Moss – all original cast members. In that episode, there’s a flashback of Brooke’s first meeting with Stephanie when she worked as a caterer for her mother, Beth (Nancy Burnett).

I remember we did one whole show with just the four of us. It was really, really special. I remember the scene of Eric and Stephanie having a pillow fight and the feathers flew everywhere. Brooke and Ridge climbed up a ladder to spy on them.

I learned so much working with Susan. She taught me a lot. She’s tough and doesn’t back down. She took it all so seriously. The show and her character meant so much to her. Her attitude was [imitating Flannery’s voice], “This is what we’ve got to do! And we’ve got to give it 100%!” I felt that way, too. She was so adamant. She made me nervous sometimes. But I wanted to show her that I could be there right there with her. We did it. We had the best time working together.

Did that nervousness in the early years, in a way, help? After all, Stephanie also made Brooke nervous?

It probably helped, definitely. Yeah, I definitely think so.

On Thursday, there’s an episode of Brooke and Nick at the altar. What are your memories of this storyline?

This was around the time of the triangle with Brooke, Nick, and Bridget (Ashley Jones). I think this was towards the end of their relationship. I remember Brooke marrying Nick and they were stranded on an island. We had a boat on the set. Nick’s boat – the Shady Marlin. We’d have a cookout and he’d play his guitar. It was fun going to different places.

They share a child – Jack Hamilton Marone.

Yes. That was confusing. It was Brooke’s egg, but Taylor (Hunter Tylo) carried the baby?

Yes. We haven’t seen Jack but a head writer once said after paternity and custody are established, children aren’t seen until the teen years! We’ll see Jack someday, I bet.

That would be interesting.

Katherine Kelly Lang and Thorsten Kaye Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang and Thorsten Kaye (Cliff Lipson/CBS)

Friday’s episode features a romantic reunion between Brooke and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), who greets Brooke with a rose. Some shows have lapsed in the romance department but not B&B.

There’s been romance from early on with our show. There are candles, roses, rose petals on the bed, the sexy clothes, and the whole jet set life. B&B is romance. That was definitely a romantic scene with Ridge holding the rose. She was waiting for Ridge to come back and the way he came to me was a very romantic scene.

Are there any other Brooke-centric stories you’d like to see re-broadcast? The battle for BeLieF was classic for no other reason that Brooke actually got to slap Stephanie back!

Definitely that one. I loved the first time Brooke became CEO of Forrester. She ripped up the contract that gave the Forresters control of BeLieF [till she found out they had betrayed her]. I said, ‘All you friggin’ people!’ Later, I thought am I able to say ‘friggin’?’ Usually, you couldn’t say words like that — but that time, they let it go. I love it because Brooke was so in the moment. There were also a lot of good Brooke and Taylor fight scenes – in the fish pond, in the mud. Those would be fun to see again.

I saw on Instagram you recently went on a 35-mile bike ride!

Yes. I’m trying to get back into shape. To me, 35 miles isn’t that far. I’m used to doing 50 and 100-mile bike rides. The ride was fun and beautiful, so green and spectacular. It’s been quiet in the past, but on this last ride, I’ve seen more people out driving. There’s traffic again. It’s great to stay focused. I don’t get depressed but those feelings have crept in [during this time]. Getting outside with nature and testing my body makes me feel good.

Congratulations on being a grandmother again! (Lang’s daughter Zoe gave birth to a son, Reign, on April 25.)

Thank you! He is so cute. Zoe surprised me and brought the babies [Zuma, 2, and Reign] over on Mother’s Day. I was nervous. I was like, ‘I can’t be near the baby!’ So, we stayed outside and had a picnic. It was a nice social-distancing picnic. I didn’t hold Reign, but he’s a beautiful boy.

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