‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’: Are You Rooting for Max, Simon or Both? (POLL)

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Max Zoey Simon Love Triangle

The first season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was filled with music, heart, laughter, tears, and, of course, a love triangle. And just like Zoey’s (Jane Levy) choice wasn’t clear at the end of the finale — she understandably had much more important things to focus on, like her family — it may not be so easy for fans to declare a “team.”

Max (Skylar Astin) is the best friend whose pining for Zoey was no longer a secret once she began to hear and see people singing “heart songs.” He did, however, declare his feelings with a flash mob, only for her not to realize at first that she wasn’t the only one seeing the musical number. After that, she clued him in on her new “power,” and the two remained platonic to preserve their friendship.

But in the finale, she saw a different side of him — one she liked — as he admitted he liked taking on a managerial role at work and didn’t want to return to his old job. She kissed him, but they were interrupted by Howie calling to tell Zoey it was time to say goodbye to her father. The conversation about what the kiss means was postponed, for now.

Meanwhile. Simon (John Clarence Stewart) is the office crush, whose engagement (party) went up in flames as he and Zoey grew closer and closer, which all started when they bonded over losing their fathers. Eventually, he and his fiancée ended their relationship, and in the finale, he admitted he was jealous after seeing Zoey and Max together.

And it was Max who called Simon to let him know about Mitch (Peter Gallagher). Simon then showed up at Zoey’s with plans to leave a lasagna on the porch and promised to return her favor from earlier in the season with a “grief trunk.”

Neither man is coming across as the wrong choice, and Zoey is clearly torn between the two. In her final conversation with her father, she tells him that Simon likes her, but she did hook up with her best friend. And that love triangle was present during the season’s final number (“American Pie”) as both were there for her after her father’s funeral.

What happens next in a potential second season is anyone’s guess. Will it be a full-blown love triangle? Will Zoey try to stay single while she deals with her grief over losing her father but share moments with both men? Will either Max or Simon get another love interest? One thing’s for sure: both men are important to Zoey and will continue to have a role to play in her life.

But who are you rooting for? Max? Simon? Both? Vote in the poll below.