Warner Bros. Television Is In the Bag for Comic-Con

SUPERNATURAL 2016 Comic-Con Bag

Anyone who has ever been to Comic-Con International in San Diego knows that swag is key and the right tote to carry it is always the Warner Bros-branded bags handed out every year. But this year, the free-to-attendees satchel comes with its own little treat, as well!

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Unleashing a record 18 new designs tied to various Warner Bros. properties, the bags being given at next week’s confab have been tricked out with hidden content within their artwork which is available exclusively through the Blippar app (available for iOS and Android users, so don’t panic). But since looking at Ian Somerhalder is more fun than reading about pretty much anything, here is The Vampire Diaries star to explain the deal with the interactive, augmented reality experiences coming to SDCC.

Shows featured on the bags this year include The 1oo, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Blindspot, Supernatural, Supergirl, The Flash, Gotham, iZombie, Lucifer and a combo bag sporting The Originals and TVD. In addition, DC’s new Super Hero Girls universe is being showcased, as well as the animated Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action and Vixen.

So basically, you are gonna need a couple bags just to fit all of your bags. Because you know picking one just ain’t gonna be enough!

BIG BANG THEORY-THE 2016 Comic-Con Bag ARROW 2016 Comic-Con Bag

100-THE 2016 Comic-Con Bag VIXEN 2016 Comic-Con Bag VAMPIRE DIARIES-THE ORIGINALS 2016 Comic-Con Bag TEEN TITANS GO 2016 Comic-Con Bag SUPERNATURAL 2016 Comic-Con Bag SUPERGIRL 2016 Comic-Con Bag

iZOMBIE 2016 Comic-Con Bag GOTHAM 2016 Comic-Con Bag

FLASH-THE 2016 Comic-Con Bag

DC SUPER HERO GIRLS 2016 Comic-Con Bag

DCS LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 2016 Comic-Con BagBLINDSPOT 2016 Comic-Con Bag


LUCIFER 2016 Comic-Con Bag