‘Y&R’s Lauralee Bell and Doug Davidson Relive Chris & Paul’s Honeymoon in Nevis

The Young and the Restless - Lauralee Bell and Doug Davidson
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Young and the Restless is dipping into the vault to re-air another classic episode as original programs have run out due to the coronavirus crisis. Tomorrow, viewers will go down memory lane with Paul (Doug Davidson) and Christine (Lauralee Bell) as the couple honeymooned in Nevis in 1996.

The pair had quite the journey getting to the altar thanks to, among other obstacles, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) running over the duo with a rental car. Coincidentally, Phyllis, happens to be vacationing on the island at the same time and she decides to leave a “wedding gift” in the couple’s hotel bed.

Other stories in this episode include the love quadrangle of Cole (J. Eddie Peck), Victoria (Heather Tom), Ryan (Scott Reeves), and Nina (Tricia Cast). Also, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) are trying to plan a dinner party so they can announced that Sharon’s expecting their first child.

TV Insider sat down with Bell and Davidson to chat about the episode, how soaps have changed, and how they’ve stayed the same. Read on to get the scoop!

Have either of you seen this episode since it aired?

Lauralee Bell: Yes. I watched it before tomorrow’s airing.

Doug Davidson: I have not seen it.

What are you memories of the episode? Going on remote isn’t done nearly as much these days?

Bell: To be on remote! It sets the tone for romance. It’s such a great feeling. These opening shots over the beach.

Davidson: They were special events so that was fun. Others were your wedding [to Danny, Michael Damian] in Hawaii. The time Paul went to Bermuda to spy on Cassandra (Nina Arvesen). They changed the tone of the show.

Cricket Paul Wedding Y&R


Are you in and out when you’re there or is there downtime to see the sights?

Bell: I talked to Michelle. She said she only worked three days the week she was there. I remember there was a group dinner. Doug and I were on a race the whole time and we really got sunburned! It’s all fantastic but there are some funny things – like sand blowing into the pineapple you’re feeding each other.

Bad enough Phyllis ran you over but to try and ruin your honeymoon!

Bell: Phyllis did many things to us and you’ll see one of them in this episode. One thing that happened she had nothing to do with was when Paul and Christine were set to do a romantic ride along the beach on horses. My horse bucked me and I did a full flip in front of it! It ran away and turned around as if to charge at me. Then, it headed to the water. The handlers believed it was a bee sting that cause the horse to react that way.

I got checked out at a doctor’s and as the doctor is saying ‘Follow me with your eyes’ to make sure I didn’t have a concussion, I’m saying, ‘Let’s use the footage and say it was Phyllis!’ But the footage was too far away and blurry. Also, I remember wearing these crazy glasses!

Davidson: [Laughs] I thought I’d married Phyllis Diller there for a moment!

After the mishap in the hotel room caused by Phyllis, I’m surprised you weren’t offered a new room!

Bell: How about a free stay?

Davidson: I got there a day later. My flight was delayed. They had to rent a plane to fly me in. I came in showered, got ready, and we did our first scene. I think it was dinner in a restaurant by the water. The unexpected always happens.

Bell: I had had a little issues with horses before, but after this I was scarred for life. If I got a job that involved horse riding, I’m not sure I’d take it.

The close-ups may have been a little tighter back then; I almost saw pores in a few close-ups!

Bell: The whole episode was fun to see. People say it’s a slower-paced, but it’s more introspective. I think people are also going to enjoy the Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)-centric episodes next week. People still want to escape if they’re sitting at home. Any show that will provide the fantasy will be welcome.

Davidson: Every day is an escape. That’s why they’ve been so popular for so long. When Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) wedding was shown, it wasn’t just the wedding – there were four other stories going on.


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It did take a while for Chris and Paul to get to the altar.

Bell: Yes, years! We saw them slowly falling in love, figuring it out. It was a big deal — getting to a wedding and honeymoon is like crossing a finish line. When relationships are rushed too fast, your heart isn’t aching with them.

Davidson: We started working as friends in 1992? The wedding was in 1996.

Bell: When I found out Michael was going off to do Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Broadway [and was leaving the show for a while] and they were moving from Danny and Cricket to Christine and Paul, I thought this will be interesting. Because the progression happened naturally, the audience went along for the ride.

Davidson: It was a three or four-year build. Bill [Bell, Y&R’s co-creator, head writer, and senior executive producer] was a master at building to a climax like the honeymoon and from there it would break off into three or four different stories. Characters would go onto different rivers of their own. There wasn’t really a let down after a climax. It was like going to a different altitude.

Viewers will also see Victor’s butler Miguel (Anthony Peña) and Sharon’s mom Doris (Karen Hensel) in the episode; shows today don’t always have budgets for supporting characters like that, but they’re so essential.

Davidson: I think so too. How about Douglas Austin (Victor’s confidante played by the late Michael Evans)?

Bell: He was at the masquerade ball; he sang with Katherine and had a little flirtation with Madam Chauvin (the late Melinda Cordell). The whole thing was so great.

Speaking of the ball, how was it wearing that superhero costume?

Davidson: [Laughs] It was a long time to be in toothpaste tube. I would have to take the whole thing off to go to the restroom.

Bell: The masquerade ball was similar to Nikki’s wedding in that they were both spectacular events, but also going were these elements of fear — David Kimball (Michael Corbett) shooting Danny at the ball and Eve (Margaret Mason) threatening to poison Nikki at the wedding. That’s the ride the show can take you on.

Lauralee, you gave a commentary at the end of the episode.

Bell: Yes. Michelle and I did a wraparound; she introduced the episode and I end it and I talk about Jeanne’s episodes next week. I did it on my phone.

It’s hard to tell if there were any fashions of the 1990s; mostly because the close-ups are so tight!

Davidson: They used to be from the top of your eyebrow to the bottom of your lip.

Bell: This show will remind people of the longtime feud between Phyllis and Christine. Michelle was telling me recently there’s nothing quite like it. It’ll be fun for newer viewers who may not know the true hatred and annoyance she feels that Christine is happy.


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You’ve been staying in touch with you fans via social media; how’s that been going?

Davidson: Yeah. Actually, I’m on so many different platforms. I’m doing a Zoom [session later] for Rick Springfield (ex-Noah, General Hospital). Cameos are coming in like crazy and I’m donating the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. I’m busier than ever. These classic episodes are a reminder why you meet people and they talk about how generations in their family have watched the show.

Bell: I think everyone’s learning to re-appreciate what they have. Sometimes it takes horrible situations to help you see what you really have and what you’re grateful for.

What would you like to see in terms of other classic episodes?

Bell: Anything with a music montage or a Danny Romalotti concert. I love music on the show and montages. There’d be great moments at Gina’s restaurant where Gina (Patty Weaver) would sing.

Davidson: Your first wedding was pretty fabulous, too — the one in Hawaii. For some reason I’ve had a flood of people sending me stuff; the whole Cassandra Rawlins story people would like to see. That was a story that was constructed so well. Paul saw a painting of this woman — Cassandra — in an art gallery. Then, he sees the woman. She’s a total mystery. Later, I’m having dinner with my top client [George Rawlins, played by Jonathan Farwell]. And he mentions his wife — ‘Sandy’ — and then, Cassandra walks in. It was a symphony.

Bell: Also, when Paul found out that Carl (Brett Hadley) was undercover and was trying to save him.

Davidson: Another time, Paul was outside his parents living room window on Christmas night after they think he’s turned on them. I don’t think there was even any dialogue.

Bell: That was the best.

Davidson: The audience is there because they know the relationships.

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