‘MacGyver’ EP Teases an ‘Avengers-Like’ Finale Showdown & Love Triangle

Russ Angus MacGyver Season 4 Finale Preview
Nathan Bolster/CBS

The clock is ticking for the Phoenix Foundation’s heroes, because the baddies from Codex aim to set off a nuclear bomb! The blast could reset the Earth’s climate problems…but kill millions of people in the process.

Unfortunately, two important members of the Phoenix team are missing from the action: operative Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till, above right, with Henry Ian Cusick) and computer expert Riley (Tristin Mays), who the gang believe have gone over to Codex. In truth, they’re deep undercover.

“It’s a little Avengers-like, where there are two sides pitted against each other,” says MacGyver executive producer Peter Lenkov, setting up the Season 4 finale showdown.

But could being on the inside of nefarious Codex, where Mac’s equally brainy aunt Gwen (Jeri Ryan) calls the shots, have seduced him for real? “He does get co-opted a bit. The science is sound to him,” Lenkov explains. “But I don’t think he believes in the way they’re doing it.” The exec also suggests that Mac may even see a not-so-villainous side to his aunt: “I’d like to believe there’s more to her than just wanting to see the world burn.”

MacGyver Season 4 Finale Divided Team Love Triangle

(Nathan Bolster/CBS)

On a lighter note, the crime drama flashes back to reveal how Mac got the name Angus and hints at what his future could hold. Amid complicated feelings for ex Desi (Levy Tran), he grows closer to Riley. “There’s clearly a triangle building,” teases Lenkov. Boom!

MacGyver, Season Finale, Friday, May 8, 8/7c, CBS