‘The Eddy’: Inside Netflix’s New Drama From ‘La La Land’s Damien Chazelle

The Eddy - Alan Poul and Andre Holland

“We’ve all learned to hide what’s burning inside.” So goes a lyric from jazz pianist/Paris music club owner Elliot Udo (André Holland) in The Eddy, Netflix’s new drama from La La Land director Damien Chazelle.

That song snippet speaks to the heart of this emotionally honest, music-infused show, in which guilt-ridden Elliot and his rebellious teen daughter, Julie (Amandla Stenberg), struggle to reconcile years after a family tragedy. It’s a process complicated by a murder in the premiere.

“Finding their way to loving each other properly is the backbone of the story,” says executive producer Alan Poul, who developed the series “backward,” starting with 12 songs from Grammy winner Glen Ballard and Randy Kerber.

The Eddy

(Credit: Netflix)

After hearing the music, Chazelle joined, then screenwriter Jack Thorne, who crafted the layered mystery: As details of the crime and the identities of those involved emerge, so do everyone’s buried feelings.

The Eddy, Series Premiere, Friday, May 8, Netflix