Is [Spoiler] Really Dead on ‘Outlander’?

Outlander Season 5 Jamie Roger
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[Warning: This gallery contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 7 of Outlander, “The Ballad of Roger Mac.”]

Outlander Season 5 has been full of dramatic twists and turns from the reveal that Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) is alive to Murtagh’s (Duncan Lacroix) death in the most recent installment. But it was an event that took place in the episode’s final moments featuring Roger (Richard Rankin) that left fans reeling.

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In “The Ballad of Roger Mac,” Roger is sent behind “enemy lines” to warn Murtagh about the losing battle he was about to enter, and while he intends to head back to the militia before firing began, he finds himself in quite the predicament. Warning a former acquaintance and distant kin, Morag MacKenzie (Elysia Welch) about the oncoming loss, Roger tries to tell her to take leave with her regulator husband before they’re murdered.

When her husband Buck (played by returning star Graham McTavish) sees Roger hugging Morag, he attacks him and their scuffle leads to knocking Roger out. At the end of the episode, when Brianna (Sophie Skelton) continues to search for her husband after the battle has concluded, she and parents Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) find Roger’s body hanging from a tree, strung up by the red coats.

Outlander Season 5 Roger Frasers

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Jamie was unaware of Roger’s ties to the militia after he dropped his defining cockade, but the white rag he lent the young man hangs from the corpse’s pocket. Is this really the end for Roger Mac? Considering his vital role in the show and the already devastating death of Murtagh, we’re willing to guess this isn’t the end of the line for this character.

One clear sign that he’s not really dead is the placement of one of Roger’s arms which appears to be pulling at the rope around his neck. Though he’s not showing any movement, the placement of his hand and arm suggest Roger prevented himself from snapping his neck at least. But the longer time passes without air, the worse Roger’s chances will be.

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If the story follows the books, Roger will survive but not without damage. According to the events of Diana Gabaldon’s book, The Fiery Cross, Roger is hanged after Buck turns him over and claims he’s a regulator. Hung up after this accusation, Roger is rescued just barely and suffers permanent damage to his voice.

Outlander Season 5 Roger Morag

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In this case, fans don’t have to worry about Roger’s survival in the series because more likely than not the show will follow the events of the book. Either way, they’ll have to wait two weeks to find out for sure as the show won’t return with new episodes until April 12.

Until then, let us know what you think happened to Roger in the comments below.

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