‘Prodigal Son’: Is Malcolm’s Dream Telling Him Not to Trust Eve? (VIDEO)

Prodigal Son viewers know that Eve (Molly Griggs) is hiding something about the girl in the box after the end of the last episode, but now Malcolm (Tom Payne) is noticing something is not quite right with her.

In TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the Monday, March 23 episode, Malcolm is convinced she’s hiding something so he turns to his sister to do some digging into his girlfriend. Still, Ainsley (Halston Sage) is skeptical of his concerns.

'Prodigal Son' Will Solve the Girl in the Box Mystery — What's Eve's Connection? (VIDEO)See Also

'Prodigal Son' Will Solve the Girl in the Box Mystery — What's Eve's Connection? (VIDEO)

What has Eve been hiding and what was with that scene at the end of 'The Job'?

“Two weeks in, and you’re already sabotaging the relationship,” she notes. “Sounds about right.” So what’s set off Malcolm’s alarm bells? He had a dream the night before in which Eve said muffins she gave him were blueberry but they were cherry. “My subconscious was telling me something’s wrong,” he insists.

“Or maybe you just don’t know how to be happy, and right now, Eve seems too good to be true,” his sister suggests. “Has she done anything in the real world to make you doubt her?”

Malcolm says she has. Watch the clip above to see what that is.

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But in “Stranger Beside You,” Ainsley is going to uncover a secret Eve’s been keeping. Also in this episode, the NYPD dives into a case about a famous mommy blogger, whose husband was stabbed just days after their baby was born.

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