Is Missy Peregrym Leaving ‘FBI’? Maggie Made a Major Career Decision

Missy Peregrym Leaving FBI Season 2 Maggie Undercover Assignment
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 17 of FBI, “Broken Promises.”]

If you’re concerned about Missy Peregrym’s future on FBI after Tuesday’s episode, it’s understandable.

“Broken Promises” begins with Maggie meeting with Isobel (Alana De La Garza) about a job offer from the ADIC (Assistant Director in Charge). Isobel hates to lose her, but she knows it would only be for a few months. However, Maggie plans to turn it down.

“I love the work that we do, and I’ve got a great partner,” she explains.

But Isobel warns her not to be too hasty. If she turns down the ADIC once, he won’t ask again. And so Maggie spends the episode trying to decide what to do. Though she initially tells OA (Zeeko Zaki) that she just “had a work thing” that caused her to be late to a crime scene, she fills him in later on.

The ADIC “has an assignment, undercover deal,” she shares. “He didn’t give me all the details, but he said it’s a pretty big case. Guess I fit the profile they’re looking for. Said it could be good for my career.” She’s still figuring out what she’s going to do at that point and admits, “just seems like the more I think about it, the harder the decision is to make.”

Maggie OA FBI Season 2 Episode 17

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But by the end of “Broken Promises,” Maggie has taken the assignment, calling it “an opportunity I couldn’t pass up” when she tells OA. When does she leave? The next day. She even told the ADIC already because she knew she’d cave if her partner tried to talk her out of it.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” she assures him. After he leaves — looking back at her before he did — she takes a moment at her desk. And that certainly could have foreshadowed that something could go wrong on this assignment and maybe Maggie won’t be back so soon.

But it’s likely that if anything does happen, it will just bring her team into the fold to help her out as the assignment wraps up. Instead, this is likely just one way to write Peregrym out temporarily because of her pregnancy. The actress announced the news on Instagram in October 2019 and shared photos from set at the beginning of February of her “8 month old belly and how [she] was able to keep working.”


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There’s no more hiding it… our family is expanding!!! ❤️ #LilOakley #Spring2020

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Happy FBI Tuesday! Here’s some pics of my 8 month old belly and how I was able to keep working… lots of people tied my shoes for me! ❤️… and the last is how we prepared for intense scenes. #eyefarts #professionals @fbicbs

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What does this mean for the team? We may very well see Kristen (Ebonée Noel) return to the field while Ryder (Catherine Haena Kim) sticks around.

Whatever happens, it’s probably safe to say that this isn’t the last time we see Maggie.

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