'Deadly Recall' Returns With More Memorable Cases in Season 2 (VIDEO)

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Deadly Recall
Exclusive Investigation Discovery

Detective Pat Postiglione uses his incredible memory to solve incomprehensible homicides in the new season of Deadly Recall. Some call it photographic, some call it unnervingly specific, but what everyone knows is that when Det. Postiglione sees a crime scene, it will be with him for life.

Now Investigation Discovery (ID) is pulling six new cases out of Nashville PD’s vault, sharing more stories of Det. Postiglione’s vital memory and unflagging devotion to uncovering the truth. In Season 1, viewers could not forget Det. Postiglione’s investigations, but this season, every case is a crime to remember. Deadly Recall’s second season premieres on Wednesday, April 15, on Investigation Discovery.


Dean Alexander/Investigation Discovery

“This show began as a series about Det. Postiglione’s unfathomable memory, but it has evolved into so much more,” says Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America. “Indeed, our viewers can’t get enough of these compelling mysteries and how Det. Postiglione uses his unique faculties to deduce the often seemingly hidden intricacies of a crime scene to solve the case.”

This season will include Det. Postiglione’s most well-known cases, including the shocking murder of an NFL star, a triple homicide just steps from a college campus, and the unknowing discovery of not one, but two serial killers on the loose. By piecing together clues from the crime scene, Det. Postiglione uses his sharp memory and Sherlock-Holmes-style reasoning to find what everyone is waiting for: the true culprit.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek below:

Episodes for Deadly Recall Season 2 include:

"Air McNair" premieres April 15 at 10/9c

Pat learns that one of Nashville’s celebrities, former Tennessee Titan quarterback and public hero Steve McNair, has been found dead in his condo. The body of a young female was also present in an apparent double homicide.  With a high-profile case on its hands there is only one detective the Chief of Police wants on the case, and that is Det. Pat Postiglione.

"Truck Stop" — premieres April 22 at 10/9c

In the middle of the night, Pat is called to the scene of a homicide at The North First Street Truck Stop. Police found the body of the victim just past what the truckers call “Party Row,” and quickly identify her by the bracelet with her name on it: Sara Hulbert. Pat and his team comb through surveillance footage, searching for any evidence of the crime. That’s when Pat recognizes an unlikely pattern, leading to a race against the clock to apprehend an active killer before he murders again.

"Cris-Cross" — premieres April 29 at 10/9c

On a lazy summer morning, two college friends are gunned down in their apartment just outside of Fisk University. Pat is immediately called to the scene. Through questioning he learns about one of the victims’ girlfriend. When he finally tracks her down, Pat finds she is a homicide victim as well. This immediately sparks a compare-and-contrast of the two crime scenes, but with no murder weapon, Pat is left to rely on unorthodox clues from abnormal sources.

"Ring" — premieres May 6 at 10/9c

It’s 1987 and Pat is a young detective just starting on the general homicide unit. During the night shift, he is called to the scene of a murder. A young mother, Vanessa Rucker, was murdered with her children in the other room, and her body was found in a position that signals sexual assault.  Without much evidence or clear suspects, the case is put in the hands of the Murder Squad, an elite unit of homicide investigators and still goes cold.  Almost one year later, Pat is promoted to the Murder Squad and given another opportunity to solve the case that haunts him to this day.

"Check List" — premieres May 13 at 10/9c

Late in the morning, the manager of the Esquire Inn goes to check on the status of the guest in room 23. They were due to check out, but the inn’s staff has not heard from them. After a few unanswered knocks, the manager opens the door to a gruesome discovery: the deceased body of a young woman, beaten and left naked at the foot of the bed. Pat is called to the scene and commits the room to memory. The case goes on for a year, and Pat fears he will never get justice for the victim and her family. Never giving up, one piece of evidence blows the whole case wide open.

"Stopwatch" — premieres May 20 at 10/9c

Pat is called to the Days Inn off Interstate 24 to the brutal homicide of the night clerk. He’s greeted by the Metro PD robbery division, signaling that greed was at play in this homicide. He finds the victim killed with a single gunshot to her back.  After uncovering critical footprints and finding the murder weapon, he follows the evidence of the case across multiple states, leading him to vital comparisons that reveal the profile of the killer.