Jon Cryer Takes On Space Exploration on ‘Celebrity Adventure Club’ (VIDEO)

Jon Cryer Tests a Valsalva Device on Travel Channel’s 'Celebrity Adventure Club'
Travel Channel
Jon Cryer on Celebrity Adventure Club

On Friday, Jon Cryer will be a long way from trading insults with his former Two and a Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen.

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In this first look at Travel Channel’s Celebrity Adventure Club, Emmy-winner Jon Cryer, a lifelong space exploration junkie, gets to try on a space helmet in Houston. He also tests a Valsalva Device, a spongy device used inside of helmets for astronauts to equalize pressure in their ears—which, don’t worry, Cryer tries without any issues.

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Cryer’s space exploration trip marks the first of many celebrity adventures in Travel Channel’s new series, where each week a celebrity will take the camera and explore what inspires them. Cryer will be crossing items off his space exploration bucket list by traveling to Washington D.C., Russia and Houston to dive into his passion and meet real astronauts.

Celebrity Adventure Club, Friday, July 1, 11/10c, Travel Channel.